12 Believable Excuses for a Lazy Elf on the Shelf

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My kids are too little for an Elf on the Shelf just yet, and right now the jury’s still out on whether or not one will come live at our house in holidays future. I suppose it’s become a must-do because why would some children get visited by an elf and others wouldn’t?

Sigh. Let me know if you think of a way out of this logic because I’m not here for more work during the holidays.

If your Elf is lazy, forgets he’s supposed to move around, or doesn’t get into much mischief, your kids might be asking why.

So, here you go – 12 darn good excuses they might actually let you get away with this year.

12. He had the day off.

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✨Day 23✨ Wink brought the kids little gifts in their stockings. Lip balm pens and a teddy bear for the littlest one. The boys are having a sleepover at my brothers house tonight so, meh. ?? #elfcraze2018 #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfideas #lazyelfontheshelf

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Even Santa has to follow union rules.

11. He’s just too comfy.

It’s a nice spot.

10. There’s bad weather.

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Horti the UpShoot #elfontheshelf is just chilling in the Sweet SUGAR TYME #crabapple. #lazyelfontheshelf #HortiholicinTheLand . . . #malus #MalusMainiac #Crabaholic #fruit #treesplease #treesofinstagram #nofilter

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He’s not allowed to leave the house when it’s dangerous to travel, so he couldn’t get new instructions from Santa!

9. He fell asleep.

It happens to the best of us.

8. Or he’s sleeping in.

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Mums tired and tallons been asking if buddy will sneak in his room so #lazyelfontheshelf tonight lol

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You should try it, you little minxes.

7. He’s not feeling well.

Bring him some soup.

6. That spot has the best view of the television.

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Help! I’m running out of ideas! #didntforgetyet #elfontheshelf #lazyelfontheshelf #helpme

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Your kids will definitely understand that.

5. He DID move, just a little.

Can’t you tell?

4. They’re playing freeze tag with the other toys.

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Dec 8 – Because sometimes you just need to jam AKA “ain’t nobody got time for the tonight”! #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfideas #lazyelfontheshelf #lazyelfnight

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This one might be my favorite.

3. He wanted to see if you’d notice.

It’s like you don’t even know him.

2. He needs a snack.

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Snowflake is back! The second day she was already “just” moving. Kenzie said it’s probably because I stay up too late so she can’t get too creative. She said not to stay up so late ?? Silly Girl, that’s literally the only time I get things done. #elfontheshelf #lazyelfontheshelf

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He ran out of energy, so a snack is in order. Candy canes, anyone?

1. He ate too much candy.

So, you definitely shouldn’t do the same.

My elf, when he arrives, is likely to be quite lazy, so I’m putting these in my back pocket.

Have you had to figure out how to explain a not-so-into-it elf to your kids? Share your own secrets below!