12 Celebrities Whose Animated Counterparts Are Dead Ringers

There are more and more animated shows that are finding success with adult audiences – The Simpsons paved the way, of course, but since then shows like South Park, Archer, and more recently, Bojack Horseman, have also delighted grown ups!

It’s always interesting to see the actors behind the voices, and sometimes, they even look a bit like the animated characters they were hired to portray.

It’s even more interesting is when live action versions of older cartoons come alive, and the actors look exactly like those old standbys – and these 12 are dead ringers.

12. Elizabeth Lail as Anna.

Maybe it’s just the pigtails, but I don’t think so.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

11. Matthew Lillard as Shaggy.

The animated Shaggy from the old days couldn’t have been easy to cast, but they nailed it.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

10. Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who.

You might recognize her name from Gossip Girl, but she’s much cuter here. Trust me.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

9. Linda Cardellini and Velma.

I always wanted to identify with Daphne but Velma was more me.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

8. Jim Carrey as The Grinch.

No one else could have done those facial expressions. Don’t @ me.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

7. Emma Watson as Belle.

You can argue all you want that her delivery and/or singing voice didn’t exactly fit, but her face and demeanor definitely did.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

6. John Goodman as Fred Flintstone.

I mean, come on. He was born to play this role.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

5. Mena Massoud as Aladdin.

I never thought I could swoon over a real person the way I did the animated version. Don’t just me.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

4. Hatty Jones as Madeline.

It must be tough to play an iconic children’s character, but she nailed it.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

3. Glenn Close as Cruella DeVille.

For some reason, she just embodies evil. Maybe one day we’ll learn she made some kind of deal.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Aubrey Peeples as Jem.

Jem and the Holograms wouldn’t have worked nearly as well without her.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

1. Georgina Haig as Elsa.

Once Upon a Time actually did some pretty solid casting with all of their characters.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

It kind of makes you laugh, doesn’t it?

Which voice actor do you think looks like most like their character? Tell us in the comments!