12 Celebrity Tweets That Are Worth a Look

Image Credit: Twitter

Celebrity tweets can be hit or miss, with some of them easy to scroll past, and others that definitely get your attention, for one reason or another.

Many a celebrity (and a regular person) has had a fun, swift rise on social media only to come crashing down just as spectacularly, but you know, it’s always fun while it lasted.

If you’re looking for some that are worth a second look for great reasons, we’ve picked out 12 that we think fit the bill – and you know, it’s best to enjoy these things while they’re ripe, don’t you think?

12. This video gives me life.

Bless his heart.

11. Since you brought it up, honey…

Couples trolling each other is my favorite.

10. The movie that surprised us all.

In the best possible way.

9. No one wants this joke.

Not even the person who made it possible.

8. I feel like this was a bad idea.

The whole thing. All of it.

7. God bless girlfriends.

Celebrate yours!

6. When you make Shania laugh.

That’s gotta be a good day.

5. Definitely not related.

At least, not closely.


4. Classic.

She’s got some good friends.

3. It happens to the best of us, my friends.

At least you HAVE a Golden Globe.

2. They’ve got a point.

Even the singer himself thinks so!

1. I am here for this content.

Serena must be the best mom.

I’m definitely loving all of these, how about you? I didn’t even know some of these folks were on Twitter, but I’m happy that I do now.

Pick a favorite and tell us which it is down in the comments!