12 Clueless People Who Are Somehow Surviving In Society

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We all know those people – the ones who seem like they shouldn’t be able to keep themselves alive, never mind do normal things like hold a job, have a bank account, or figure out public transit. It’s an everyday miracle when those things seem to happen for these folks.

By every indication, these 12 people shouldn’t even be able to get themselves dressed* in the morning, and yet…

*I’m using the term ‘dressed’ loosely.

12. Pretty sure this is wrong. Unless you have boobs on your back.

Photo Credit: Reddit, stoversp

11. They look like they’ve done this before

Photo Credit: Reddit, sahai_dum

10. There has to be a better way to meet men

Photo Credit: The Chive

9. Legit just threw up in my mouth

Photo Credit: Twitter, faithchoyce

8. She’s going to have a bit of a rude awakening when she stands up, methinks

Photo Credit: Reddit, Matt5D

7. Not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I’m pretty sure it’s unnecessary

Photo Credit: Reddit, Kashik

6. Shockingly, they are not from Florida

Photo Credit: Reddit, Vileoss

5. I guess some people just like to live dangerously

Photo Credit: The Chive

4. I’m guessing (hoping) that she’s REALLY tired

Photo Credit: Reddit,GuitrDad

*editor’s note: It took me a shockingly long time to understand what was going on…

3. What is happening here?

2. Good Lord

Photo Credit: Reddit, titanicman119

1. I’m guessing he knows about growing more than oregano

h/t: Diply

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