12 Cool Items People Found While “Stooping” in NYC

Image Credit: stoopingnyc

New York City is one of those places people love to visit, and where even more people love calling home. There are so many amazing things about living in the city, but one thing that’s not typically available is a garage (tag, yard) sale – there just aren’t garages readily available!

That doesn’t stop New Yorkers from offering their castoffs to their neighbors before they go to the trash, though. Instead of going “garage saling,” people go “stooping” to find things others have put out on their porch, free for the taking.

Here are 12 images from the Instagram account @stoopingnyc, which people can follow to try and nab something special.

12. Someone is always in need of dining room chairs.

And these are some nice ones.

11. We’re always on the lookout for original art.

Especially when it’s free.

10. In search of some green?

Because these plants are in search of some love.

9. Rugs are so expensive.

I would have run for that one.

8. So much free art!

It’s like going to a gallery, sheesh.

7. Composting in the city.

Carry it home, do-gooders.

6. That couch will make a statement.

It looks super comfy, too.

5. A cabinet for your board games.

Everyone needs one of those.

4. A classic, for sure.

Not for me, but someone is sure to love it.

3. This is very fancy.

I could fill that thing in a heartbeat, too.

2. Do you have some extra Visine?

This eye is in need.

1. Just give them a fresh coat of paint.

Brand new stools!

There are some excellent finds on here – some people were undoubtedly very happy for to have them.

What’s the coolest/most interesting thing you ever rescued from a resale? Tell us about it in the comments!