12 Examples of People Throwing Shade at and Questioning the Habits of Americans

I know that most Americans think they are the center of the universe, BUT, we really aren’t.

I hate to break that to you, but it’s the truth.

And a lot of things that we do here in the good, old USA are perceived as weird, obnoxious, or just plain mysterious to other people around the world.

And some folks even took to Twitter to call us out on our strange habits and tendencies.

Hey, what can we say? We are who we are, right?

Let’s take a look at what folks from other countries had to say about things Americans do that just strike them as odd.

1. Can we talk about the mini-table?

I just found out there’s a reason for it! Look it up!


2. What are y’all talking about?

Y’all are starting to make me angry.

3. The answer to that is NO.

Sorry, we can’t change that.


4. Part of our everyday diet.

And it goes on EVERYTHING.

5. I must admit, I am an ice fanatic.

Overflow that glass!


6. You’re not doing it the right way.

So why even try?

7. Yeah, that’s not very cool.

A big waste of paper.


8. It’s not like that…

We romanticize our own Mafia, too.


9. Sorry, gotta go!

I’m late for a meeting!

10. Never! Never!

We won’t budge on that one.


11. It’s a way of life, okay?

Please just let us have this one thing!

12. Sounds like a Boston accent to me.

Pawwwwwwww-sta. Right?


Okay, Americans, we want to hear from you in the comments.

What do you think about these tweets that people from other countries are throwing at us?

Let us know! And keep it civil, okay? Thanks!