12 Facebook Marketplace Posts That Are Ridiculous and Hilarious

Hi! I’m David! Do you have dirty corndogs!? Have I got a deal for you!

If you ever need CLEAN corndogs (see below), I suggest you spend some time at the fun and friendly Facebook marketplace. You’ll find the cleanest corndogs in the tri-state area! I guarantee it.

For real–these are for real. Please enjoy the hilarity of items these people thought they could unload from their possession on the Facebook marketplace.

1. Better than a dirty dog.

I like my cornies with a healthy and shiny coat.

2. Well, that didn’t work out.

Reluctantly, the parents are exploring more STEM options for their child.

Poor kid 🙁 from sadcringe

3. It’s like Inception, but for tables.

This table post feels weird meta.

Found this for sale on FB Marketplace from DiWHY

4. What in the hell am I looking at?

Just waitin’ on the DJ to slow it down for the couples skate.

5. I am so not hungry now.

The most magical food for the most magical time of the year.

6. Half-pipe flips and 360 snips.

The convenience and affordability of a BMX barber.

7. “Hello? Yes, I’m interested in the mistake. How much?”

Never delete Facebook. Ever.

8. It’s not housebroken yet.

But it is sad and cold.

9. “Yeah hey, hi, I just bought a mistake. I’d like to purchase another.”

I’m sure that’ll sell RIGHT away.

10. Oh damn. This Furby is lit AF!

And by lit, I mean you can actually light this f**ker.

Spotted on the marketplace from DiWHY

11. Hey, it’s Garfield’s fatter cousin!

Maybe go a little easier on the lasagna and a bit harder on the Mondays there, Jon. 

12. Yeah, that’s got a lot of accent, alright!


"Accent chair" listed for $150 on my local FB Marketplace from DiWHY

The Facebook marketplace is a gold mine for funny items.

If you’ve seen something that’s absurd or hilarious, let us know in the comments! We shall laugh together.