12 Fast Food Workers Share Things They Want Customers to Know

Come on, people!

It’s not that hard to clean up after yourself and be a polite and courteous customer when you go to fast food establishments.

And today we’re all going to hear from folks who work at these restaurants about what want you to know when you go to their place of business.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Should be easy, right?

“Put you cups closer to the drink dispenser.

I know this seems dumb, but when you get a drink and hold it far away from the nozzle, it causes drink splatters, and then we have to clean it up.

Don’t even get me started on how often they spill tea.”

2. I can’t hear you!

“If you are in the drive-thru, please don’t have the passenger order.

We can hardly hear them.

It’s frustrating to keep asking you to repeat yourself.”

3. Pretty please.

“Please ask for everything you want when you order.

This includes all condiments and free glasses of ice water. We have buttons for those, and then, we can have everything ready for you at the window.

Anything added at the window takes extra time at the window, and we are being timed, and higher times mean unhappy management.”

4. Wait your turn.

“We have two drive-thru lanes and only one order taker, so when you pull up and the other car is ordering, please understand we will help you after we help them, not during because it is not possible.”

5. Gimme all the details.

“I work at a Wendy’s, and most of the sandwiches have a ‘default’ like the cheeseburger defaults to a double.

If you want a single or triple, tell me that BEFORE I put it in! Otherwise, I have to get a manager to change it, which can take several minutes!”

6. Turn ’em off.

“When going through the drive-thru when it’s raining, turn off your wipers at the windows!

Nobody wants to get soaked with a face-full of dirty water!”

7. For real.

“Pizza place worker here: When you call us to place an order and, before I can get a name or anything, start barking your order at me the second I pick up the phone.

I have to put in your name, select if it’s for pickup or delivery, and do a bunch of other things before I can even put your order in. Also, a ‘hello’ would be nice to be honest. … I am still a human.”

8. They can’t read your mind.

“I am sick and tired of people shoving their phones in my face for Apple Pay and app-paying. It is not only rude, but incredibly infuriating.

You’re holding out your phone? Great. Are you a delivery order, using your app, or paying with your phone? I’m not a freaking mind reader.

All it takes is: ‘I’ll be using Apple Pay today!'”

9. FYI.

“If you go to Taco Bell and want anything grilled, please order those items first.

It takes a few more seconds than usual to make those items.”

10. They can handle it.

“When something is wrong with your order, tell us the problem instead of just saying, ‘I need to see a manager,’ because 75% of the time, we can handle it without bothering the manager.”

11. Always be prepared.

“As a fast food checkout person, please have your money or card ready when you get to my window, especially if you’ve had several minutes to do so. That’s the reason we tell you the total at the speaker.

Don’t wait until you get to the window to start looking for your card and money, unless it’s not busy and you pull right up. Even then, you knew it was going to cost money. Get it ready before hitting the drive-thru lane.”

12. The polite thing to do.

“If you visit a Sonic when it’s raining/freezing, park in the stalls closet to the building.

Otherwise, the carhop has to walk in the rain/icy parking lot to deliver your food.

It’s really inconsiderate especially when there’s not a lot of customers due to the weather.”

Do you work in customer service?

If so, tell us what you want folks to do when they come to your place of business.

Do it in the comments, please!