What’s the Most Horrific Crime Committed by Someone You Know? People Shared Their Stories.

It’s time to get serious, people.

No joking around on any level.

Because we’re about to hear stories from AskReddit users about the most horrific crimes that were committed by people who they know.

Hang on tight and see what they had to say.

1. Yikes.

“Worked with a guy who got done for manslaughter, he bashed someone’s head in with a table in a pub, this was after he stabbed a guy in the chest with darts, this was over a darts game.

He also served time for beating a policeman into a coma with the policeman’s own truncheon after the policeman caught him breaking into a car.”

2. Nasty b**tard.

“A friend I grew up with got a job in a care home for vulnerable children and teens, mostly kids with severe learning difficulties/mental health issues/brain damage etc.

He was in his mid 20s, and was caught having s** in the care home with a 14 year old girl. Not only was she 14, she also had learning difficulties so severe there was no way she would have been able to consent. He r**ed her.

He got 4 years, served about 3. He’s out now but no one has seen him since, I assume he moved away to prevent getting his head kicked in.

Nasty b**tard. He was always a bit weird but no idea he was capable of something like that.”

3. Scary.

“Someone I knew from school hid behind his front door, waited for his mother to come home and hit her on the head with an axe when he was around 14.

He probably instantly regretted it and called an ambulance. Luckily, she survived and suffered no permanent damage. I think he went to a mental facility after.”

4. Lured.

“A girl I went to a small alternative school with and had over to my house for parties set her boyfriend up to be m**dered.

Lured him outside and had him shot. On surveillance she walked up and made sure he was d**d. Some cold s**t.”

5. Saw it coming.

“Guy I considered a close personal friend hunted down his ex, shot her with a rifle and then turned the gun on himself.

Neighbors reported hearing him say “You knew this was going to happen.””

6. On the run.

“A former coworker m**dered his friend when the friend agreed to work with the police to bring down my coworker for stealing a shipment of human growth hormone. Apparently it was a vicious m**der. They burned the body, iirc, but it’s been a while.

My coworker ended up being on the run for many years, and was eventually turned in after his story ran on America’s Most Wanted, his fiancee saw it, and he confessed who he was to her. She waited until he was asleep and went to a pay phone to turn him in.”

7. Tragedy.

“I had an acquaintance who owned an iron working shop.

An employee of his thought he was fabulously wealthy because he was well off. The employee went to their house and t**tured four of them to d**th to get their fabulous wealth ( $40,000) Unfortunately the housekeeper was there as well and they t**tured her too.

The junkies ordered pizza and left their DNA to be found. Burned the house. Really very sad, this guy was known to hire guys who had criminal records and give them a second chance. His son was 10 years old.”

8. Classmate.

“I was never really friends with this guy, but I had a bunch of classes with him, and we sat next to each other in one.

He s**ually a**aulted one of our mutual friends. University did nothing. Then he went on to kidnap and r**e another student.

After he was arrested, the department had a massive meeting about him to address rumors about what happened. He was a lab TA, tutor, and president of a large club on campus so he was fairly well known. A few other women came forward and said that he had been stalking them, but the university did nothing. Another person said that he molested a child at one point. The university didn’t take any of this seriously until after the arrest.

He was caught because he had taken his license plate off his car and got pulled over shortly after crossing state lines.”

9. Shocked.

“Guy I went to school with was real calm, very smart, and everyone loved him. He was a gentle person from what I remember.

He had lost his mom a couple years before this, she was a nurse and they found her d**d in a hospital room during her shift. Unknown causes. Our senior year of highschool, dude is a championship wrestler, dominating his grades, and just doing good. He lived with his dad who was a police officer for years and years. At lunch one day he left school and came back.

Everything was normal and the day was finished out. His dad did not show up for work that evening, and the police dept sent someone to go knock on his door. They found the house ransacked and his dad lying in bed with a single gun shot wound to the head, deceased. Later that night they called my grandmother in for questioning because she cleaned their house once a week.

Not much later than that, the guy I went to school with broke down and confessed they he had come home on lunch to ask for money, and he and his dad got in an argument, his dad laid down like normal for his shift, and he took his dad’s service pistol, and shot him, and after realizing what he’d done, he’d freaked out and turned the house upside down to make it look like a robbery, then went and finished the day at school to try to make it seem like he had no clue what had happened. Shocked everyone.”

10. OMG.

“Two guys I went to school with (one primary school and one high school) kidnapped a woman, r**ed her, disemboweled her, and cut her throat.

She survived and testified. They are both in jail for life.”

11. SOB.

“My father beat the s**t out of my mother and myself when I was a toddler. I have an uneven skull because of it. Until I found out, I thought it was a birth defect.

I didn’t find this out from my mother until I was an adult when I had to take him to court because he had opened numerous credit cards with my social security number when I was a kid and had tanked my credit by the time I was 18.”

12. Back in the day.


A guy I used to hang out with got into an argument with his landlord and another guy when they went to evict him. He shot them both then transported their bodies out of town, dismembered them, and buried the remains. Except their d**ks. Rumor has it he then nailed their d**ks to a tree.

Months later , a guy was out mushroom hunting when his dog proudly trotted up to him and presented the de**pitated head of one of the victims. Subsequent investigation led to my friend and his bloody house.

He was tried and found guilty and sentenced to 50-75 years in prison. I don’t know if he is still inside. I can only find reference to his trial but not to his current status.”

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