12 People Share the Unusual Body Features They Have

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What’s your unusual body feature…?

Webbed feet? A third nostril? A third eye in the back of your head?

Hey, we all have something, right?

While you think about your unique trait, check out what AskReddit users said about this.

1. Sweaty.

“I have to wear socks at all times, otherwise my feet start sweating, which makes my hands sweat for some reason.

Having sweaty feet is annoying, but sweaty hands are the worst.”

2. That’s too bad.

“I was born with a floppy windpipe – apparently it was way too big for me and made my crying sound like a donkey.

Apparently it’s a pretty rare birth defect, my mum just thought it was hilarious that she could always tell if it was me crying.”

3. It’s genetics.

“I have naturally huge trap and calf muscles. I didnt think much of them until college and then dudes started asking me for tips.

Specifically my calves because well you can see them when I wear shorts. I just had to say genetics when asked.”

4. Gross.

“I can put my tongue up into my sinuses. Showed it to an ENT once and he visibly recoiled.

I guess the opening between my sinuses and throat is oversized – if I sneeze while eating, food gets up there and I have to go fishing for it with my tongue.”

5. Quite a sight.

“One leg is longer than the other, also have a bit of extra skin on the top of my right ear that sticks out like an elf ear.”

6. Hot-blooded.

“I’m always hot/sweating. I keep my apartment 50 Degrees even in the summer.

In the winter I just turn my heat off and only turn it on to keep my pipes from freezing. I d** in just 72 degrees outside and feel like i’m gonna d** from heat stroke but I have walked butt naked in -15 Degrees and even made a snow angel, Stayed outside naked for like 25 to 30 minutes. It felt good.

I also only take cold showers. I have not taken a hot shower in over 5 years.”

7. How low can you go?

“I have ultra low heart rate. It was in the 50s anyway, but with some endurance training its in the 30s now.

I’ve been multiple tested by cardios, all good no pauses or irregularities I’m good to go. When I’m in good shape im at 35-36bpm while awake, and down to 30 during sleep.

Maybe if I get in a good shape again, i ll ask for a new holter to see if i break 30 bpm during sleep and touch 29 or so.”

8. Freak of nature.

“I can lift my little toes up and cross them over the toe next to it.

I can also seperately move my little toe. My physiotherapist once said that’s not supposed to be possible, but here I am, toes crossed.”

9. That is one strange tongue.

“My tongue.

I have something called “fissured tongue”, which basically makes my tongue look like the Grand Canyon. Freaks out anyone I show it to.

My girlfriend did get me with this joke recently – “Ribbed for her pleasure.””

10. Freakin’ out.

“Can move my eyes independently. I can keep my left eye looking straight ahead and move my right eye. Or vice versa.

I tend to freak people out when I look at them with my eyes crossed, then I’ll move one eye back to looking straight ahead while other eye is still crossed.”

11. Sounds annoying.

“Insane hearing.

I can tell when a car starts a block down the road. When the army base is doing artillary drills 30 miles away.

When there’s a mouse running through the kitchen. When a squirrel is running through the driveway and crunching leaves.

It makes sleeping a bit difficult. But going to a casino is like a freaking acid trip.”

12. Ugh.

“I’ve got dermographism.

Basically, my skin has an allergic reaction to pressure, and it turns red. What that means is that I can write on my skin with my finger, or alternatively, get red gashes on my forehead because I scratched it.

It is also extremely itchy, which means I take several anti-histamines a day. So I’m also very sleepy.”

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