What Unusual Body Feature Do You Have? Here’s What People Said.

We all have something completely unique to our bodies that no one else on the planet has…

And you should be proud of it and own it because it’s part of what makes you 100% YOU.

Okay, now that we have that pep talk out of the way, here are the unusual body features that AskReddit users say they have.

1. Acid tears.

“Because of a blood disorder I have extremely acidic tears. My face swells, burns, and I get hives or an allergic reaction.

A couple tears is annoying. Serious crying will eat away at my contacts, I’ll have to use cold compresses, and take antihistamines.”

2. Nice legs.

“I have massive calf muscles. It looks like every day is leg day despite not doing weight lifting.

My dad had the same.”

3. Wow.

“I developed arthritis at 16 years old.

Also I have a massive a** for a dude.

Double cheeked up.”

4. Interesting…

“I was born with tumors inside the bones in my one of my feet, that grew so quickly, they permanently disfigured it.

Also, my p**is is two different colors, brown and vitiligo, yet the rest of me looks like a white guy.

It’s like my Hispanic side and white side decided to fight it out on my d**k.”

5. There it goes.

“Every now and then I’ll feel nauseous then sneeze, and the nausea goes away.

I think it has something to do with the vagus nerve.”

6. Weird ears.

“I have two different ears.

One is wide enough for ear buds, the other isn’t.

My twin brother has the mismatch on the opposite side.”

7. Seeing snow.

“I have visual snow, it sucks.

Basically I see a bunch of dots all time.”

8. Unusual.

“I have alopecia but it doesn’t affect my head at all, have a full head of hair at almost 50.

But my legs are bald as a baby’s a** and I’m a dude.”

9. You’re in the 2%.

“I have Arnold’s cough reflex.

Anytime I stick a q tip in my left ear it triggers my gag reflex.

Supposedly it only affects 2% of people.”

10. Where’d it go?

“I don’t have a belly button.

I have an indent where one should be.

But I never have sand or lint getting stuck . It just washes right out.”

11. Crunchy bones.

“My knees makes a lot of noises when I’m crouching down.

My doctor tells me it’s normal, but my girlfriend thinks I’m breaking a bone every time.”

12. You okay, Dad?

“My Dad had 4 nipples.

The extra two were on his abdomen on either side of his belly button.

As a kid I just assumed all men had 4.”

Do you have any unusual body features?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!