12 People Share How They’d Spend 24 Hours With No Phone or Internet Access

It sounds glorious, doesn’t it?!?!

There’s no doubt that the hustle and bustle of life keeps most of us occupied during our waking hours, but what would you do if had 24 hours to spend with no phone or Internet?

I’ll start: I’d go hiking, bring a regular, old-school camera and take some photos, have a nice dinner somewhere with no interruptions, and then I’d go sit on a nice patio and drink a few beers.

Not a bad day!

Now hear what AskReddit users had to say about this!

1. Easy peasy.

“Practice archery with friends all day maybe go to a shoot if there is one, have dinner with theem then read a book til I fall asleep.

Not too hard.”

2. Books are wonderful!


It boils my blood to witness how far we’ve strayed from what is quite possibly our greatest creation, books.”

3. Got it covered.

“Practice my instruments / prepare for band rehearsals.

Go for a bike ride or a hike with my wife.

Get on my motorcycle for a few hours of fun.

Do some gardening.

Go swimming.

There’s a whole world out there to explore…”

4. Time to disconnect.


This is normal when I go camping and it’s great to be forced to disconnect for a while.”

5. Got the whole day planned.

“Take the dog to the lake maybe some kayaking, bike or walk. Go the the driving range wack a bucket of balls.

Walk the dog so more, bbq some chicken. Smoke some herb check the mail go the VFW probably walk the dog again clean the house a little, smoke some more watch a movie and eat some cereal and go-to bed.”

6. Yard work.

“Cut the grass, build my fence, cut down the trees at the back of my garden…

I have a lot of options.”

7. Irritating.

“Read a book. Watch movies. Go swimming.

I’ve gone weeks without internet. More irritating than anything.”

8. You’re a DJ!

“Listen to the radio or play my records, read a book, read the newspaper, watch over the air TV…just like I did in the 1980s.”

9. Passing it on.

“I camped a lot as a kid and thought it would be fun to start doing it with my family a few years ago. Decided our first trip would be a week in the Smokies with only a day planned outside of the National Park.

With a teenage daughter… I thought it would be a disaster since she was glued to her phone and there’s virtually no cell service or wifi.

She ended up loving it and now we camp just about a weekend a month with a couple two-week trips a year. Making some good memories.”

10. Didn’t even notice.

“Just spent a week without internet, didn’t even notice.

Read more, exercised more, spoke to more people.”

11. The ice storm.

“We had an ice storm a couple years ago that knocked out power (thus internet) as well as cell towers. Didn’t have either for 3 days.

Built legos, colored in those intricate adult coloring books, board games, and because it got dark early, we sat around the fireplace (the rest of the house was pretty cold) and laughed about stories from when all the kids were little.”

12. No problem!

“Care for my the animals on my property, repair or rebuild another computer to sell, chop firewood for winter, hike in the forest behind my place, shoot, work on the greenhouse I’m building, haul recycling to the dump.

Honestly I could go on all day like this.”

How would you spend a day like this?

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