What Would You Do to Pass the Time With No Phone or Internet Access for 24 Hours? People Responded.

Honestly, this kind of sounds like a dream right now…

No phone, no Internet, just…peace and quiet…

But we all know that’s a pretty rare thing these days for just about everyone.

So what would you do if you had 24 hours of freedom like this?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Clean out your closets.

“This happened to me recently and I tried on every single piece of clothing I own and got rid of so much old stuff that I never wore.”

2. Just like the ’90s.

“Watch TV, play video games, go on a hike…

Live like it’s 1993.”

3. Not bad!




Play with Cats.”

4. Get down to business.

“Put together one of my 1,000 piece puzzles or crack open my 5,000 so I can get discouraged and hide it away again.”

5. Time to get busy.

“This is easy, and being an adult I have a garage full of tools.

Crank up the old radio and rock out with my caulk out.”

6. Might as well.

“Been meaning to work out more often.

A whole day of walking, rowing, lifting, abs, and whatever else I can think to try.”

7. Fun.

“Making scale models.

It’s basically the only thing I do that doesn’t involve technology. Currently doing WWII tanks, namely German.

Slowly expanding it to other models.”

8. Hit the road.


It’s excellent exercise and helps me get rid of the 30 extra lbs I gained sitting at my screens.”

9. Get inspired.

“Draw. I love drawing.

Literally just give me art supplies and some paper and i’ll draw all day long as long as I have inspiration.

No inspiration? I’ll sleep.”

10. Got it covered.

“I have a huge PS3 collection

I own over 500 lbs of books

Eat, sleep go to breweries

College football starts in less than 3 weeks.”

11. The great outdoors.

“Spend it outside!

Surfing, fishing, hiking, then grabbing some food sounds good to me.

May even fly a kite.”

12. Nice work.

“It was 2020, peak pandemic and my phone and laptop both broke. I was without internet and tech for 3 months.

I read around 40 books, taught myself algebra and botany from textbooks that belonged to my late grandfather. I was either teaching via my neighbours phone, reading, eating, working out or sleeping.

Most personally productive 3 months ive had in a long time.”

What would you do if you had a day like this?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!