12 People Talk About Controversies That Everyone Seems to Have Forgotten About

Before pretty much everyone had the Internet and smartphones, scandals and controversies that captured the public’s attention used to stick around for a while.

JonBenet Ramsey, O.J. Simpson, stories that people talked about and that were in the news for months, if not years.

But in today’s fast-paced world, it seems like a lot of controversies are hot topics for a day or two and then everyone forgets about them.

And that’s why these AskReddit users were nice enough to refresh our memories and remind us about scandals and controversies we might have forgotten about.

Take a look!

1. Getting away with it.

“That lady that ran over a kid in the UK but got away with it because she was married to a US diplomat.”

2. That’s a weird one.

“Boy George!!

He was jailed for 15 months for imprisoning a Norwegian male escort after a nude photoshoot, in what the judge called a “premeditated, callous and humiliating” a**ault.

He basically t**tured him. And now he hosts TV shows in Australia!”

3. Lame!

“That McDonald’s monopoly sweepstakes? None of the big prize winning pieces ever made it to stores.

The guy in charge of ‘randomly’ putting them on cups and cartons after production kept them and gave them to friends, splitting the winnings. For YEARS.”

4. Covered up.

“Dupont (still active company) when producing Teflon dumped loads of bad chemicals into the water and Teflon was poisoning people all over the world giving them 6 known types of cancer.

They covered it up for decades. Crazy how evil some companies are.”

5. Forgotten.

“The BP Oil Spill.

In like, 2015 I drove by a packed BP and told my buddy “Wow BP is lucky everyone forgot” and he said “Forgot what?””

6. Modern warfare.

“Cambridge Analytica.

They used social media and social sciences to manipulate entire countries. They helped facilitate Brexit and cause a huge cultural divide in the U.S.

I think it’s a new kind of warfare.”

7. Terrible.

“The Animal Scandal in Berlin Zoo.

In 2008 news surfaced that many of the zoo’s animals may have been sold for slaughter.

Green Party politician Claudia Hämmerling backed by several animal rights organisations accused the zoo’s director, Bernhard Blaszkiewitz, of delivering tigers to China to be k**led for potency drugs and selling a pygmy hippopotamus and a family of Asiatic black bears for slaughter.

Hämmerling also said that more than a hundred animals had disappeared from the zoo. Blaszkiewitz denied the allegations.”

8. Shady stuff.

“The absolutely massive amount of PPP money from COVID that was hoovered up by the rich and then vanished.

Billions and billions were stolen and or laundered, and we will never know the extent.”

9. Scammed.


The whole point of that was that the company made little to no products, valuation was inflated with MTM accounting so ppl threw money to watch some digits go up.

Nowadays a lot of ppl are ‘investing’ in things of no value as of now like crypto that is rarely used as currency and does not do anything besides be something to invest in, and in turn it birthed a lot of scams much like enron but instead of MTM they are inflated by NFTs with which is basically a huge chunk of the coin used to buy that NFT.

Insane how a scam network is called web3. The blockchain is wasted on such a thing. Could have been easily utilized better by game companies.”

10. Is anyone listening?

“The various g**cides going on in Asia and Africa right now.

No one seems to care unless it’s a slow news week, which hasn’t happened in a few years with the current political s**tstorm in America/Europe.”

11. Ruining it.

“The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

I wonder if any of the animal cookies or zoo books that I bought in the 1990s helped out at all or not to this day.”

12. That’s Reagan, FYI.

“Sitting President of the US illegally sold weapons on the black market to Iran for 5 years.

Used the cash to fund a private war in Nicaragua.

Got caught. Congress told him to stop.

Kept doing it anyway.”

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