12 Fellas Share What They Don’t Like About Being Men

Can we all just agree and say that being alive in general can be a grind sometimes?

I’m not trying to be overdramatic, but there are some days when you wake up and you just don’t feel like dealing with all the bulls**t that life throws at you.

But what is specifically hard about being a man?

Here’s what fellas had to say on AskReddit.

1. It ain’t Easy Street.

“When I was in middle school having to deal with spontaneous e**ctions was so f**king embarrassing to the point of being traumatic.

Girls have periods, and we can never compete with that level of inconvenience, but these d**ks of ours ain’t a walk in the park.”

2. Also uncomfortable.

“Walking behind a woman alone at the same pace.

Mostly at night, a few times during the evening, they think you’re following them. I’m sorry I didn’t pass you or slow down, you’re walking too fast for me to pass you and I don’t want to slow down.

I’m equally uncomfortable, I just need to go in the same direction you’re going.”

3. What should I say?

“Not being sure what’s socially acceptable to say to a girl anymore.

If I’m interested in a girl but she doesn’t feel the same way then I’ll come off as creepy and I want to avoid that at all costs so I often don’t say much and totally back away at even the slightest sign of disinterest from her.

I’m also just a generally friendly person and I constantly have women randomly bringing up the fact that they have a boyfriend or fiancé. Like I’m not trying to hit on you and it makes me feel like I’m being creepy. I’m just trying to be nice.”

4. How about a compliment?

“Complete lack of compliments.

I can go about my day and listen to women give each other compliments and receive compliments from men all day long, it’s almost too common actually.

At least with guys when you get a compliment you remember it for life, and thats a good feeling. But it still stinks.”

5. All the hits and more.

“Having to lift heavy things

Expected to be happy ALL the time

Expected to provide for everyone

Not realizing if it’s a hint she’s giving or just minding her own business and acting on it could lead to something good or come off as a creep

Depression is easier to get

Being socially anxious cause you don’t wanna seem weird

Expected to fit expectations of everyone else.”

6. Body image.

“Trying unsuccessfully to be buff and I’m self conscious that I’m kinda skinny and not very muscular.

I’m in good shape but I just h**e how my sleeves swallow up my arms and make them look tiny.”

7. Whatever society says.

“Society’s concept of what a man should be and be able to do.

I’m from the south where apparently it’s incredibly important to be a big strong burly man that has tons of trade skill knowledge, anything less and people look down on you and judge you.

It’s created a horrible self image for myself that I struggle with almost daily.”

8. Not good.

“Not getting free drinks at the bar, on average d**ng earlier than women, paying more for car insurance, having a higher chance of losing divorce hearings.”

9. Too bad.

“People becoming less warm and open to you as you get older.

I wasn’t expecting that one and it’s starting to get to me.

I miss people just being nice and unassuming.”

10. Come on, guys.

“Other dudes.

The things women tell me that other guys have said/done to them is f**king disgusting and pathetic. I’m embarrassed to be a guy most of the time.

“Alpha males”, toxic masculinity, abusive behavior, etc. all common traits that need to f**king vanish.”

11. Disposable.

“We’re disposable.

Men get drafted to pointless wars where our only value is either how many people we killed, or how dramatically we died. Our only purpose outside of literally dying is getting married so we can work ourselves to death to support others.

Once that’s done, or our needs are determined to cost more than our paycheck is worth, society insists we be pushed aside and replaced, and then adds injury to insult by giving women preferential treatment in custody battles and divorce proceedings.

We are inherently worth less purely based on not having a uterus.

I know a lot of that is changing, but it’s not changing fast enough.”

12. Falling behind.

“Unrealistic expectations because guys are supposed to “have it all figured out.”

Feeling like you’re falling behind or not measuring up to where you’re “supposed to be” in life, like I know it’s bulls**t and that life happens at its own pace, but it just gets hard sometimes.”

What do you not like about being a man?

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