If You Had Unlimited Money, What Would You Buy First? Here’s What People Said.

I immediately know how I would answer this question.

If I had unlimited money, the first thing I would buy would be a house on the beach in a very quiet place…that also had a pool and a hot tub…and a ping-pong table…

Yeah, that works for me!

What would you buy first if you came into unlimited cash?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Sad.

“A mechanical bed that sits up and down by remote for my step dad.

He’s by himself now and old and gets stuck tryin to get out of bed on days.

He wants one but we can’t afford it.”

2. For the folks.

“A house for my parents.

My dad has worked his a** off since he was a child (he dropped out way before high school to help feed his family), moved to the US, he is old enough to retired but pretty much owes hi whole house.

He deserves to retire. I wish I could pay their house off.”

3. I like this!

“I’d take a poll at my local old folks home of everybody’s favorite performer and I would book a command performance for that performer to go and play and comfort the old people.

Since I have unlimited money, I would spare absolutely no expense to get them there. Plus extra time for six performer to spend chatting with them afterward.”

4. No questions asked.

“A non profit company that has an office in every country that would give everyone free food, no questions asked.”

5. Accessible housing.

“A wheelchair accessible house for myself and then for all of my friends who are also stuck waiting for accessible housing since forever.

It sucks not being able to get around without help or having to ask someone for stuff like going to the bathroom, especially when you could easily do it yourself if your house was accessible.”

6. Let’s hope so.

“I need to get my teeth fixed so they don’t hurt anymore.


7. All debt is gone.

“I’d pay off debt.

But let me be clear, I don’t just mean my debt.

I mean all debt. Credit card debt. Student debt. Mortgage debt. Medical debt. Government debt, etc.

This would essentially collapse a number of industries. This is intentional.”

8. The compound.

“I’d buy an entire neighborhood and have my friends and family live in the baddest mannions and cars right next to me.”

9. Big moves.

“All of the African politicians so China can’t have them.

They’re putting whole countries into unpayable debt so they can move in and take over mineral and other resources. Like Africans haven’t been through enough s**t already.

Next, Amazonian rainforest and enough military to kick out anyone who tries to destroy it.

Stuff like that. Big moves.”

10. Good idea.

“A house for my parents, anywhere they wanted. And then for my sisters.

Then all the insulin i could dream of!!”

11. Yes!

“Since MAD Magazine fired the majority of it’s staff and stopped hiring writers and artists to produce new content every two months, I’d make AT&T (who owns Warner Brothers, who owns DC Comics, who owns MAD) an offer they couldn’t refuse, and secure all rights and ownership to the publication.

Then the fun would start. All new staff, re-employed artists and writers, 100% new content without advertisements, in the spirit of the original publisher, William M. Gaines, a true MAD magazine for the 2020s and beyond, published eight times a year, cheap!”

12. Lifting people up.

“Fix world hunger, give all the resources I could towards mental health and mental health related research.

Fix climate change, end poverty, establish a universal basic income. Go to space and beyond.

Use money to lift each other up rather than bring us down.”

What would YOU buy first if you had unlimited money?

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