Ladies, What’s the Least Impressive Thing a Guy Did or Said to Try to Impress You? Women Responded.

Guy, I need to tell you something…you’re blowing it out there!

The pick-up lines and other assorted things you’re doing to try

And frankly, you’re giving all of us a bad name…

So take note of these answers from ladies on AskReddit about the least impressive things guys have done to try to impress them.

You might learn a thing or two…

1. Sure…

“On our first date, he kept reminding me how lucky I was to be on a date with him (and he’s the one that asked me out!!) because sooooooo many women wanted to date him and he could literally choose any woman that he wanted…”

2. Cringeworthy.

“Him: “Do you like Twilight?”

Me: “No, I tried reading the first one but supernatural fantasy stuff isn’t really what I like. I saw the movie with my friend because I got in for free but I didn’t really like it.”

Him: “Check out my Twilight tattoo.” Proceeds to show me a massive Jacob tattoo and tell me all about it.

I don’t really have an issue with anyone liking Twilight but read the fu**king room, dude.”

3. Yikes.

“Told me that he once met Kendrick Lamar’s mom…

And then later told me he had lied about it to impress me.”

4. Nerd alert!

“Was at a party and met a fedora wearing guy who was absolutely obsessed with anime, he told me “By the end of the night you’ll know 101 new things about anime!”

He then followed me and my friends around the party telling us random anime facts, it was super awkward and he wouldn’t take the hint to leave us alone and I had never been so unh**ny in my entire life.”

5. Can’t believe that didn’t work.

“You’re so beautiful…

Mmmm, you could be a part time model

But you’d probably still have to keep your normal job.”

6. Jerk.

“For context this man was someone both me and my friend (let’s call her Kate) were friends with.

One day he asked me out by saying “even though most people would think Kate is much more attractive than you, I don’t.”

In what world would that sweep someone off their feet?”

7. Run away fast!

“Told me proudly about how many girls he had, what he did in bed and that he prefered virgins over non virgins because he could go in without a condom, since they are “clean for sure”.

I was a virgin back then.


8. Not gonna work.

““Do you like my muscles?”

“I date women, dude.”

“Oh. Do you like my muscles tho?”

This was actually kind of funny honestly.”

9. A real catch!

“Bragged about how little he’s going to do for his future children.

The phrase “I don’t do diapers” came out of his mouth.

I’m a nanny…”

10. Classy!

“Yelled at the pizza delivery girl for bringing the wrong flavor of soda. He called her names like moron, etc, even when she said she didn’t pack the order she just picked it up.

After he shut the door he said, “I don’t really care, I’d drink that soda too, I just wanted to make her feel bad.””

11. That’s hot!

“Bragged about how his dad owned part of a strip mall and made more money by getting rid of the handicap parking.”

12. Oops.

“Bragging about how much al**hol he can drink.

“I went to this party and I had like 20 beers and I wasn’t even drunk, then I passed out at the end of the night”.

I said, “My dad’s an al**holic.””

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