12 Hilarious Comics That Are Relatable AF

We all want to believe that we’re unique and special snowflakes. And, let’s face it, as human beings, we kind of are. There’s nobody like us. At least specifically.

But what unites us, what makes life worth living… it’s not the stuff that makes us different. It’s the stuff we can all relate to.

Those things we have in common are what artist Sabincomics hopes to highlight with her hilarious, poignant frames, and she does it often on Insta.

Let’s take a look!

12. To each her own!

But I know which one makes me happier.


11. Eh, being cute is overrated.

Especially when you’re with people who make you laugh.


10. There’s not much in the world that’s less sexy.


9. This is especially true when you’re little.

Sisters teach us so much!


8. This is why most girls go through a hair cycle.

I hate my hair – cut it! Short hair is so annoying – I’m growing it out!


7. Me, every Halloween.

I love it, and I can’t handle it at the same time.


6. There is hair everywhere.

People are simultaneously jealous and grossed out.


5. Some day you’ll find someone who is totally into that.

It will be lovely.


4. Practice makes perfect.

It takes most people a long time to love themselves.


3. We deal with stress is different ways.

The point is, doing nothing is fine!


2. Hair dryers are the devil.

Why do we all own them, again?


1. Where my ladies at?

Why does Mother Nature have to be so cruel?


These just made me nod and laugh every time!

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