12 Hysterical Tweets to Turn That Huge Frown Upside Down

Do you ever have bad days where you just can’t seem to get that scowl off of your face?

Hey, I have those days, too, sometimes!

So how can we deal with it…? That’s the big question…

I know! How about we enjoy some hilarious tweets that have been scientifically proven to make folks all over the globe smile in a huge way?!?!

Hey, it works every single time! So let’s take a look right this instant!

1. I do remember those days.

Time sure flies, huh?


2. Iced coffee is LIFE!

You can never have enough.


3. Don’t ever look to me. For anything.

Are we clear now?


4. This is very accurate.

How many times have you been through this?


5. This is a hot take.

And we’re here for it!


6. That’s actually how their brain works…

Give it a shot sometime.


7. One of the hardest stages of life.

We wish you luck!


8. You’re on the right track!

Keep it up!


9. A real struggle going on here.

Which side will win out?


10. Number one on this list is excellent.

Is there a better feeling?


11. I need to work on this…

Can anyone out there offer any pointers?


12. Yeah, we’re not ready for that yet…

But we’ll get there eventually.


Look at that, I’m smiling!

How about you? Do you have a big grin plastered on your face right now?

What are some really funny things you’ve seen on social media lately that made you laugh?

Share all the good stuff with us in the comments! Thanks!