12 Images Of Australia That Will Confirm All Of Your Suspicions

Whether you’ve visited Australia or not, there’s a good chance that you have an image of what it’s like in your mind – and that image is likely full of two things.

Animals that are adorable (like koalas and kangaroos), and all the rest of the wildlife, which is actively trying to kill you.

If you’re looking to be disabused of this perception, this isn’t the list for you – because most of these will just confirm everything you think is true about the land down under.

12. He wanted a chat.

Maybe he’d had too much to drink.

Old mate kept ringing my doorbell at 2am from australia

11. He’s just a little guy.

He could still take off a hand, though.

Rescued this guy from my shed, must have been locked in there for a few days, and 10mins later he came to backdoor to say thanks before heading off to eat cherry plums! from australia

10. Oh my goodness that’s awful.

I’m cringing just looking at it.

It hit 45 degrees Celsius in our area today and my boyfriend got instantly branded by his seat belt buckle getting into his car. It’s already peeling. from australia

9. Always check your shoes.

You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

For all the naysayers who think the rest of us are paranoid. from australia

8. They didn’t even have a good reason.

You expect people to take that seriously?

Good on you, Sydney….(smh) from australia

7. I bet that happened in a few hours, too.

Maybe even less, if it was overnight.

Left my shoes outside in Australia from Wellthatsucks

6. This could resonate around the world.


Australian Internet from australia

5. What is your point?

Because honestly all of this sounds delicious.

4. That’s all you need to know.

Except whether or not there’s air conditioning.

Too hot for Jesus in Queensland! from australia

3. Even the gator is hot.

Ponds are fair game for everyone.

40 degrees up North Vic today. Had a little visitor come and smack the door with his tail before taking a dip in our pond. from australia

2. Australia has the superior possums.

American opossums are useful but not at all cute.

This possum chilling in the workshop at my work from australia

1. Just don’t go there.

I bet it’s full most days, don’t you?

Typical beach in Australia from funny

These are fantastic, don’t you think?

What’s your favorite true thing about Australia? Share it with us in the comments, all you fun people!