Okay, fair warning – these pictures are about how zookeepers weigh all kinds of animals, but mostly, they’re an excuse to look at adorable baby animals mugging for the camera.

I have a feeling you’re down for both, though, so check out these 17 tricks zookeepers use to make sure they get accurate weights on all of the animals under their care.

17. Be a good pupper, get a treat.

That’s how we weigh our seal lions.

Sea pupper gets weighed from aww

16. The next time you puppy won’t stay still.

This will only work for a couple of months with the bigger breeds, though.

Weighing a stray puppy I took in from aww

15. Upside down on a can?

The turtle looks like he thinks this is undignified.

14. I have a hunch he’s not going to stay that little for long.

But he’ll still be cute.

13. Brand new baby.

This world is confusing, isn’t it?

12. That hedgehog does not look amused.

Then again, someone stuffed him in a jar.

11. He’ll be ready for his first frat party soon.

But not too soon.

10. How is that a porcupine?

Is someone punking me?

9. It’s best to let him sit where he likes.

Or he might decide he prefers your head.

Image Credit: Demilked

8. Baby hummingbird.

Maybe the only bird that’s cute.

This is what a baby hummingbird weigh in looks like from aww

7. Just stay now.

Don’t move…please.

6. Give him a treat, of course.

That’s the way to get me to stand still, too.

5. You have no right to be so cute, little penguin.

NO RIGHT, I say.

4. He looks kind of angry.

Maybe he just has resting b*tch face.

3. Wait until they’re asleep?

The puppy life is a hard one.

Image Credit: Reddit

2. Snacks seem to be a good trick.

I can see how that would work.

Image Credit: Demilked

1. The second one wants to know what’s going on.

What’s in the box?


I warned you, and I delivered in the best possible way, right?

Which one of these baby animals made you awwwwww the hardest? I know it’ll be a tough call, but give it a shot!