Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows that it can be tricky to get a good weight for them. They’re wiggly, they’re uncooperative, and that’s just for relatively small animals, right?

Now think about being a zoo vet and having to weigh things like hippos and giraffes…it would get pretty complicated, right?

Luckily, people have learned plenty of tricks over the years – here are 20 clever ones you probably never imagined.

20. Just weigh the whole cage.

I mean, you could totally catch him if he got out, though.

19. If you don’t take have to take the koala out of the tree, don’t.

I guess that’s probably a good rule of thumb.

Its weigh day! Regular weighing of the koalas, especially the joeys, is important to make sure they are staying healthy, putting on weight and keeping it on. Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Posted by Kangaroo Island Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

18. Little baby is big mad!

You put him in a bowl!

17. Are you weighing the human or the giraffe?

That takes one confident zookeeper.

16. That is a very large rodent.

But also somehow cute?

This baby bat sitting patiently whilst being weighed from mildlyinteresting

15. I know this probably is supposed to keep them calm.

Maybe owls always look panicked.

I work at a bird banding station, and we use burritos to weigh the owls we catch. from aww

14. Look at his little face!

Don’t take his blankie!

13. Just like weighing a human baby.

He looks just about as thrilled about it, too.

12. A frog in a spoon.

So tiny!!

Forbidden cocoa puff from forbiddensnacks

11. I cannot get enough of these owls.

Their faces are priceless.

Image Credit: The Raptor Center

10. Convince him it’s a trick!

They love tricks, because they’re bored out of their minds.

Image Credit:

9. A penguin in a bucket.

A penguin is cute anywhere.

8. Who knew they started out so small!

Just keep him in the water!

7. I cannot with this.

The cuteness is way too much.

6. It fits, he sits.

For a few seconds, anyway.

Our new kitten had to be tricked into being weighed from aww

5. He looks so happy!

He could teach my kids a thing or two.

4. That lion cub doesn’t look like it wants to sit.

There’s a cat for you.

3. Bless his heart.

Baby just wants to stay with his mama.

Image Credit: ZooBorns

2. Can we have a whole page of these?

Or more than one?

1. I guess anything with long legs gets held.

It’s probably the safest route.

I love the idea of working at a zoo, but I don’t think I could hack it.

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