12 Images That Make Corporate America Resemble A Dystopian Future

There was a time when dystopian stories were all we wanted. We had looked into the future and had seen nothing that wasn’t completely bleak.

That was before and honest-to-goodness pandemic hit, though, and now that our present is icky as heck, imagining an awful future has less allure.

These 12 images posit that the dystopian future is here, and you don’t have look further than corporate America to find it.

12. You have to stand up for yourself.

No one else is going to, apparently.

After helping them on short notice many times, I finally learned that my day off is my day off. from antiwork

11. Socks, y’all.

Written up for wearing mushroom socks. I’m dead.

I got written up for wearing these socks. Any guesses why? 🍄 from antiwork

10. They can’t control what you talk about.

I hope that you know that.

I make $15 an hour y’all from antiwork

9. That’s one way to lose staff.

And one way to ensure you have zero hope of keeping them.

Just found Im the single lowest paid paramedic at my ambulance company, despite having the most experience by several years from antiwork

8. I wouldn’t sign that.

I wonder how many people would.

Am I losing it or is this insane? from antiwork

7. Management probably thought this was a great idea, too.

It would have been a better idea without all of the extra rules.

I left my job shortly after receiving this prize for my good work 😂😂😅 from antiwork

6. This is not a job for you.

Checks should be good when they are due.

Boss went radio silent after I asked for my checks from antiwork

5. Go ahead and sue me.

I bet this person did not stick around.

Tried to quit my job and they said no from antiwork

4. I’m going to need you to give me a chair, then.


My job involves walking for hours at a time. We also don’t get breaks at all, even for 12+ hour shifts from antiwork

3. Are we grade schoolers?

Actually strike that; I do not have to tell my kid’s school what they were sick with to be excused.

Update from yesterday. I work in NY from antiwork

2. Nevermind the money.

Everyone loves a jelly of the month club subscription.

Thanks for this! I worked the entire 24 Hours of Christmas day for no extra pay too! from antiwork

1. My jaw just hit the ground.

That is SO inappropriate.

Wife needs surgery. They wanted her to sign this. She said HELL NO from antiwork

Yeah, that’s a pretty convincing case.

What’s the most dystopian thing that’s happened at your corporate job? Tell us about it in the comments!