17 Things People Consider Healthy Now, But Might Not In The Future

Certain things going in and out of style (and sometimes back in again) is a completely normal thing in human culture. That said, health being one of those things is kind of odd when you think about it.

In our current culture there are a whole lot of people with very few qualifications giving health, mental health, and wellness information, though, so it’s definitely possible that people in the future will laugh at these 17 “health trends.”

17. Not a blanket endorsement.

The notion that “natural” automatically means healthier.

Cyanide is natural. You can find it in apple seeds and peach pits.

Pit viper venom is also natural, as is dart frog poison. An all natural lotion, expensive, but worth it.

16. Not having hobbies.

The hustle culture. Not everything you do needs to make money.

You should be able to have hobbies that stay just that: hobbies. It bothers my dad SO MUCH that I don’t make a business out of my hobbies.

But I want to enjoy them! I’m not “hiding my talents” I’m maintaining a healthy boundary between business and pleasure.

15. Someday we’ll learn…maybe.

All those weird trending diets.

Nah, they will have the same once we have today but with new names and in a new shiny package. The diets we have today are also just recycled diets from the 20th century and many of those are probably recycled too.

14. We weren’t built for city living.

Lack of access/time in nature.

Moved out of a city into a smaller town 2 blocks from the ocean with many bike trails and hikes within cycling distance/a short drive. I couldn’t be happier with the change.

On the other hand, I’m now house poor, with >50% of net income going to housing…

Daily time in nature makes the change worth it.

13. Juice is not a cleanser.

Back in college in our med-surg subject one day our professor felt lazy and just made the session a chill Q&A about anything about the subject or even anything medically-related.

He was asked by one of my batchmates about these trendy juices. In an annoyed manner (not toward the student but about the subject) “if your body’s liver is so f**ked you have to rely on an external tool to filter your food you’re probably dying. You want to “cleanse” your body? Eat a balanced diet, get off your a$$ and exercise and drink plenty of water instead of getting scammed by like an idiot by buying those juices”

Those same idiots probably think the juices have the same mechanisms as how vaccines fight off diseases and are the ones that are against vaccines lol

12. It’s definitely possible.

Social media.

I’m being super hypercritical, but we’re gonna look back on social media today the same way our parents looked back on the time they smoked and said “yeah, everybody smoked back then, it really wasn’t a big deal.

Yeah, we knew it wasn’t good for you, but we still did it anyway. No, we didn’t think of it as some sort of addiction; we just did it because that’s what people did back then.”

11. No one listens to the government.

Any food fad that focuses on one ‘superfood’ will always be worse than a wide variety of different foods.

We have known this and governments and even companies have promoted the idea of well rounded diets, but some people will always fall for the simple one trick pony diets.

10. Could it be a mental health issue?

I already believe that the majority of fitness influencers would benefit from counselling rather than advising followers on Instagram, so that’s undoubtedly the case.

the majority of fitness influencers have eating disordered habits and are sharing them with their “fans” by acting like what they do is “healthy.” my AN recovered ass cries when i see fitness accounts glorifying actually unhealthy habits that they claim are healthy.

people do NOT realize the damage of fitness/health social media. those people aren’t professionals. and bodies aren’t one size fits all.

9. This feels spot-on.

Storing food and drinks in plastic.

More and more studies are coming out seeming to insinuate that no type of plastic is safe for contact with food. To future people, it will be like reading that we used to store food in lead.

8. It’s re-wiring our brains.

Constant notifications and other distractions.

7. Worse than you think.

It’s not that people find it healthy, but I think that screen time today is definitely much more dangerous during our lifetime than we already think it is.

6. At least half.

From a doctor’s perspective, half of the US health food industry is absolute garbage.

Supplements. What’s in them? They aren’t regulated, so anything could be! Many studies have found a lack of actual advertised product at best, harmless filler such as saw dust commonly, and heavy metal and other toxin contamination such as lead and arsenic at worst. All for the cheap price of $$$$$ and your health. Is it possible that some could be helpful for specific things? Yup! But are most things on the shelf going to fit in that category? Absolutely not, no.

Most “diet” plans/snacks/products. Low in fat but high in sugar? Serving size of 1/4 of what is sold? Contains some mysterious fruit “scientifically shown” to combat the laws of physics? A laxative in disguise? Most of these plans are just like get rich quick schemes. They are sold to provide a quick path to a healthier and better life. But diet isn’t a quick fix. It’s a slow combination of everyday habits. Diet culture is a toxic scam and their advertisements are sickening both for the lies commonly told and the mental health toll on the targeted audience. Hell, most of the “good choice” food items at the grocery could be considered unhealthy processed garbage.

Fruit juice. Despite what Steve Jobs believed, fruit juices are pure sugar in a glass. Calories with limited nutrient content and a high glycemic load.

The way we teach physical activity. We use sports as a competition and filter kids out, only supporting the best of the best financially and through school programs. But the reality is that team and club sports can keep people active and engaged in their communities for life. This is healthy. If we can foster low-level skill sports for everyone we will have healthier and happier communities. Except for maybe American football. That shit will give you brain injuries.

Edit: that pre workout your friend swears by? It’s probably caffeine and some protein powder. Some of them may contain amphetamine analogues and other stimulants. The special formulations and vitamins they say they have (if actually present) are usually ineffective amounts or mischaracterizations of studies anyway. Drink an Americano and eat a diet full of vegetables, nuts, and beans, and you’ll be good to go.

5. Fat is not inherently bad.

“low fat” products which predominantly were filled with high fructose corn syrup (high sugar diets) and other things that lead to metabolic syndrome (partially hydrogenated oils).

Some have recognized the dangers in this already but in 40 years maybe we’ll see people look back and go “they made all of this money at the expense of ordinary citizens health”.

4. Thanks, I hate it.

Slimming drinks and supplements.

Going to be sooner than we think. The weight loss injectables by Novo and Eli Lilly are here or almost here. Projected $50 billion obesity market by 2030.

3. Bad stuff out there.

Letting children have unlimited access to the internet and using the internet as a babysitter.

2. Sort of creepy, right?

The amount of our lives we share with strangers online thinking we’re anonymous.

AI will soon trawl every image/ video of you, picking you out of cctv, the background of millions of other peoples photos. Your own browser history and social media etc.

A complete picture of you including all your anonymous posts. All packaged and presented to display your true social, sexual, financial etc. personality. On demand for whoever wants it.

1. The rat race.

40 hour work week with generally unfulfilling jobs. Source: I’m a clinical psychologist.

For the record, I don’t think my own job is unfulfilling. However, my current salary is not competitive and I have to work two side jobs to support my family.

Psychologists probably don’t make as much as you think.

I think some of these are spot on, for sure.

Which ones do you think belong on this list? Are any wrong? Let’s hash it out down in the comments!