12 Historically Important Memes

Via: The Chive

There’s nothing like a good history meme to make you chuckle in the morning (or any time of day, really), and these few are good enough to get a laugh and make you feel smart today.

Or… if you already know a lot about history… share them with your history geek friends. They’ll dig em.

Either way… if that sounds like something you’d be into, you’re going to love these 12 memes!

12. Never underestimate the depravity of Romans.

They’re fully into ALL of that stuff.

Photo Credit: The Chive

11. Did Italy have the last laugh?

Their government is f**cked up. Seriously. Look into it.

Photo Credit: The Chive

10. Why do you ask me such questions?

You already know the answer!

Photo Credit: The Chive

9. I still can’t believe this happened.

Does U.N. stand for “Unable & Never”?

Photo Credit: The Chive

8. Spoiler Alert: They never would.

Until they died, because the colonizers were evil.

7. Never underestimate the ingenuity of a horny man.

This really is pretty amazing when you think about it.

6. The sad, hard truth.

Hey, this isn’t funny!

5. It’s funny, because it’s true.

Seriously don’t go that way. Turn around.

4. Aww, that’s just mean.

It’s not fair to pick on Canadians.

3. If you say so.

I’m not sure that I agree.

2. Americans are so cute when they talk about their “history.”

It’s all modern history.

1. A lesson on how to hit ’em where it hurts.

They do love their tee.

I’m feeling pretty smart and smug, aren’t you?

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