12 Items People Really Thought They Could Sell Online

People will try to sell literally anything online – a fact that you know is true if you’ve spent any time at all on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, et al. The thing is, people must also be buying some of this weird stuff, because otherwise, wouldn’t people stop trying?

I don’t know the answer to that for sure, but I do know I would be shocked if any of these 12 items found a buyer.

12. Sir. SIR.

There is not one part of this post that is true.

Sure, you can call this a didgeridoo if you really want to
byu/yoitsmeab inCrackheadCraigslist

11. Give me one good reason you couldn’t make this for yourself.

I’ll wait. Maybe I’m just not seeing one.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. Yes, please I would like to invite a food borne illness into my home.

Ah, the memories of when I puked until I wanted to die!

Not Craigslist, but a little piece of food poisoning history can be yours for the right price.
byu/bruno_antony indelusionalcraigslist

9. I would be tempted to email with questions.

I would like to know how this custom work was accomplished please and thank you.

Image Credit: Reddit

8. The shade in this description, though.

I am imagining his roommate reading it and it’s cracking me up.

Broken Jager machine; they’re not doing a good job selling it in the description
byu/unfunkyufo indelusionalcraigslist

7. “Quite large.”

Hmm, yes, please tell me more.

Image Credit: Reddit

6. “Artisan flatulence.” Y’all.

He marked the condition as “excellent.”

The delusional part is it’s massively underpriced. A simple repackaging and better marketing he could easily sell Artisan Flatulence™ for triple the price.
byu/block_dough indelusionalcraigslist

5. To be fair, it seems as if the bananas are. red herring.

It definitely catches your eye, doesn’t it?

Image Credit: Reddit

4. That thing is even more terrifying than the original.

And if you’ve seen the original, you know that’s saying something.

$900 homemade animatronic
by indelusionalartists

3. How do I know it’s the world’s largest?

Is there a certificate of authenticity?

Image Credit: Reddit

2. Modified for what purpose, you ask?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Found this this morning
byu/ace22309 inCrackheadCraigslist

1. No thanks. I prefer to drink my own.

I’m not paying someone else to drink wine, I can tell you that much.

Image Credit: Reddit

These are really something, y’all. I can’t believe people found this stuff, never mind are willing to part with it!

Have you ever bought or sold something really…niche online? Tell us the story in the comments!