12 Memes for the Dog Lover in All of Us

I don’t know about you, but if someone tells me they don’t like or love dogs, I don’t trust them. Dogs are amazing, and even if you can’t have one of your own right now for some actual reason, what’s not to love?

Basically, these 12 memes are for all of us – because dogs are awesome and deserve all the love!

12. I see no difference, do you?

Those teeth!

11. That’s the kind of contraband I approve of.

I’ll take two.

10. He IS helpful, don’t you see it?

How would you get through your day without something cute to look at?

9. You know they don’t think they’re helping, right?

They’re just looking for pets.

8. Talk about a grand gesture!

And he surely deserves it.

7. His inner monologue is surely spot-on.

Someone knows their good boy.

6. I probably wear this expression far more than I should.

But I mean. Has that dog even had time for coffee yet?

5. He’s actually trying to taste the rainbow.

Bless his heart.

4. Wait we’re supposed to talk to the humans?

I was unaware of this rule.

3. It might be for different reasons, but yeah.

It’s important to have things in common.

2. There is no recovering from this picture.

I am dead forever RIP me.

1. I hope he gets all the treats later.

And has a decent retirement plan.

I’m going to take a break now and snuggle my pooch!

What’s your favorite thing about your