12 Memes to Distract Us All From That Impending Existential Dread

The world is still in shambles, and life as we used to know it is still nowhere in sight.

Good thing there’s always a new batch of memes fresh off the internet to cheer us up in the meme-time (haha.)

Here are 12 more dank memes to help take your mind off everything that’s falling apart in society.

1. This

We’ve all encountered that type of person who will just blindly speak for their friend.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

2. A real kitchen nightmare

I wouldn’t know whether to be excited that the living meme Gordon Ramsey was in the room or to be horrified that I was just about to eat at a nightmare restaurant.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

3. Winners only

An accurate depiction of how one passes the time during quarantine.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

4. Please, no

My tiny spirit can only handle so much…

Image Credit: theCHIVE

5. Drama lives everywhere

Even a subject as dry as math cannot save you from the affairs of the heart.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

6. Awkward

Like, hello? Where’s the instant validation that we all crave and need?

Image Credit: theCHIVE

7. Actually heartbreaking

As if the world wasn’t cruel enough this year, then sh*t like this happens.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

8. Way too accurate

Quarantine fifteen? More like quarantine fifty.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

9. This one’s a lot

Only kids could manage to say something so innocently misconstrued.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

10. Always age with grace

Honestly, green suits her.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

11. Life changing

The entire Earth might be in shambles, but at least the sky’s the same!

Image Credit: theCHIVE

12. The absolute worst feeling

Text her – it’s never too late.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

I’m serious about that last one. With every bit of normalcy we’ve come to know absolutely obliterated in the last year, you might as well shoot your shot. Sometimes, memes have the power to seal your destiny like that.

What are some of your favorite memes to help distract yourself from the fact that the world is still falling apart? Share them with us in the comments so we can all indulge in a healthy amount of escapism!