12 Men Share What They Think Other Men Shouldn’t Be Judged For

Guys, let’s have a session of real talk, shall we?

We shall!

Because today we’re going to hear from men on AskReddit about what they think other men shouldn’t be judged for.

Check out what they had to say!

1. Yes!

“Taking their full paternity leave as permitted by their employer.

My boss told me she thought it was a waste for me to take 8 weeks paternity leave since I “won’t be doing anything for the baby”.

I took my full 12 weeks upfront.”

2. Do what makes you happy!

“Having hobbies people define as effeminate.

Such as baking, gardening, textiles, stuff like that.”

3. Eyed with suspicion.

“Interacting with kids.

Especially younger kids.

The majority of men aren’t pe**philes.”

4. You look great!

“Complimenting other men.

And  complimenting women as well. Like just telling them they have cool hair, or a generally nice aesthetic.

We can’t do that because he doesn’t want to come across as a creep or make them feel uncomfortable.”

5. Get help if you need it.

“Seeking support with mental health.

I grew up in an environment where this wasn’t ok, but in adulthood I very much needed help working through things and didn’t have the tools or understanding to do it alone.”

6. Nothing wrong with that.

“Showing emotion, or not showing emotion.

We should get to choose how we feel.”

7. No control over it.

“Being short.

Literally no one has control over their height.

Judge people for the things they can control.”

8. Let it all out.


Too many men are also scared of dealing with someone that is crying too.

A little bit of empathy can go a LONG way.”

9. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

“Being happy.

I don’t care if we’re wearing PPE and everyone on this jobsite is a depressed al**holic, I’m gonna whistle once in a while and wear my SpongeBob socks.”

10. That’s good stuff!

“Getting physically taken care of, for instance massage, spa that kind of thing.

Why should women be the only ones to get that stuff?

Massages are the best thing…. especially if you do lots of heavy lifting, sports, you know “man” stuff.”

11. And then there’s this…

“Fiddling while sitting down to fix that stupid b**er-looking bulge that’s caused by wearing hoodies with a zipper.”

12. Not used to it.

“Not being comfortable around kids.

It doesn’t mean they can’t handle kids or don’t like kids.

Most likely, it just means they’re new to it.”

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