13 People Talk About What We’re No Longer in the Golden Age Of

Let’s get real…we’re not in the Golden Age of a whole lot of things right now…

But don’t take my word for it!

Let’s see what folks said about this on AskReddit!

1. Yup.

“Funny movies.

Marvel-type movies k**led comedy, drying up the middle market.

Every movie now is either a big budget franchise movie with a giant, guaranteed audience or a low budget art film.

Almost nothing in between.”

2. Not so nice right now.


There was a blissful 10 years where basically everything was on one or two platforms.

Now we’ve more or less re-invented television with the fracturing of media platforms (but on demand, which is still an improvement but come on, it was so nice for a while there).”

3. Past the peak.


There are just soooo many shows out right now and the overall quality of each is starting to lower. There was a period (circa 2009 – 2012ish) where the top shows were Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Walking Dead, and Dexter.

Fewer episodes per season, higher quality per episode. Netflix created the binge model and streaming in general allowed people to catch up quickly. There were a ton of other notable shows during that period as well. The Office and Parks and Rec and Community were on Netflix and got even more popular due to rewatchability.

10 or so years later and there are just too many things coming out for everyone to be up on the latest thing. Obscene budgets are being spent on mediocre writing. The top of the top shows are still pretty good, but I also think the talent that they are attracting is different.

More high profile actors joining a mini-series or multi-season show that really only shoots 8 episodes per season. Fewer standout performances that push a drama series to the front (like Bryan Cranstan or Jon Hamm).

Again, there is still good stuff out there, but I think the peak is past us now.”

4. Remember when…?

“The old OG app store games.

Now we have false advertisements for the current app store games.”

5. Where’d it go?


God, I hope future generations figure out how to distinguish between actual real factual news and media/entertainment/outrage bait/propaganda or else we’re doomed.”

6. Overhaul needed.

“The modern education system needs major revamping to suit today’s generation of learning and access to information.”

7. Missing it.

“Internet for sure.

Everything is way too centralized now and the majority of internet traffic goes to small number of sites.

I miss forums and personal webpages. We should bring those back.”

8. Kind of sad.

“Neighborhoods full of kids.

I think the 1990s were peak.”

9. Major bummer.

“Shopping Malls.

They are super d**d and getting a little d**der every day.”

10. Gigs.

“The gig economy.

There was a brief moment when AirBnb and Uber were cheap, unique and awesome.”

11. Struggling.

“The middle class worker.

Wages relative to inflation have stagnated for years and the wealth gap is growing faster than ever. Further, this wealth has been used to tilt the scale even more towards those with means which accelerates the trend.

On top of the dismantling of protections and creation of even more inequalities through law, technology is playing a role too through automation which seems poised to send even more wealth up to those with the current means to develop and deploy new wave automation.”

12. Lame.


Am I the only person who gets the same suggestions for way too long?

For all the subscriptions i have i feel like my homepage should have more options…”

13. Renting everything.


I feel like we all just rent, borrow, stream, digital download, or straight up just consume and rebuy low quality products.”

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