13 People Share What You Can Do to Instantly Make a Woman’s Day

Folks, we’re about to give you some good advice when it comes to how to please women…

So you better listen up!

Check out how AskReddit users say you can instantly make a woman’s day.

1. Cheese for the win!

“”You may fascinate a girl with a piece of cheese”.

It’s so true though.

Whenever my husband is cooking with cheese, he always saves me a piece!”

2. Do it!

“Buy her that 12 ft skeleton.

Someone has a 12’ skeleton on their front lawn near me. His name is Benny.

He dresses up for the holidays. We love Benny. Get her the skeleton.”

3. There you go.

“Say “Hey I love your hair!”

It’s something they spent time on, makes them feel attractive, and doesn’t objectify their body.

It’s a great all around compliment.”

4. Might work…

“I hear girls like pockets, especially on clothes.

So maybe give them cargo pants?”

5. A big one.

“Listen actively.

And then respond appropriately!

Men – when a woman tells you something personal, it’s not the time to recite your favourite anecdote about something similar that happened to YOU, or to provide brilliant advice that will fix the situation permanently.

Acknowledge her emotions!”

6. Boom!

“Tell a stranger her shoes are cute.

Works 99% of the time.”

7. Get comfy.

“Make a spot for them on the couch that has snacks and a blanket in arms reach.”

8. Smells good!

“Cook for them.

I cook dinner for my partners 4 too 5 times a week depending on how much time I have. She is a nurse and works her a** off on long shifts. I own my own business and work from home on a laptop at my own pace. I am also an incredible cook and enjoy cooking.

But the look on her face when I hand her the plate and she takes her first bite is always so cute and happy. Spent 8 hours making a braised lamb with a reduced wine sauce and she melted.”

9. Good to see you!

“Be excited to see her.

Honestly, just seeing someone that is outwardly and clearly looking forward to spending time with you is SUCH a wonderful thing.

I know it instantly improves my mood if I’ve had a bad day at work and I get home to a big smile and a hug and him genuinely wanting to jump into conversation.

It’s the best!”

10. For real.


If she told you her bday even months ago and you remembered it, It will 10000000000000% make her day.

Bonus points if you get a good present (the more specific the better).”

11. I got it.

“Do the dishes.

I LOVE this. My husband has taken over dishes. 1. Because he h**es how I do them. But 2, because I h**e doing dishes.

I do all the cooking and will clean the kitchen but he always does all the dishes(I also make custom cakes and he even does that mess which is HUGE).

I always make sure to say thank you to him, but I appreciate it more than I can possibly say.”

12. Melt her heart.

“My bf saw me eyeing some blue flowers on the side of the road on our trip to VT.

He knows I love flowers and have started pressing some, and so on our way back home he pulled over and I was able to get said flowers I was eyeing for two days straight. I was absolutely over the moon and was something I never expected out of someone to do for me.

Ultimately two ways to HELP make a girls (or anyones) day:

learning about a person and what makes them happy

putting in the effort to show them you care, want to see them happy, etc.

My heart melts thinking about the little things he’s done for me, and I know many people (in general) would feel the same way in regards to their own interests, hobbies, etc.”

13. Lookin’ good.

“A guy at my work told me, “your makeup is always on point, every d**n day.”

I thought that was probably the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.

Mostly because he noticed I do take time to do it every day, but also because he thought it looked nice.”

How do you think you can instantly make a woman’s day?

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