12 People Talk About What Was Awesome as a Kid but Is No Fun as an Adult

I know what my answer to this is!


I loved it as a kid because it meant staying home from school and getting to play outside all day.

But as an adult?

Ugh…it’s horrible.

What was awesome as a kid but sucks as an adult?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. What is this?!?!

“Capri-Suns for some reason and Mountain Dew.

It’s like literally drinking acid water mixed with sharpened thumb tacks.”

2. Don’t go in there.

“Water Parks.

Now all I see is p**s in the pool and a gaggle of judgmental teens.”

3. Yup.


As a kid, teenagers are the coolest and you cannot wait to be one

As an adult they are just stupid brats.”

4. In and out.

“Going to the mall.

I used to like browsing stores, but now I just want to get what I need and go.”

5. Not good.

“Losing a tooth.

Can you imagine running around showing your family: “Look! I lost a tooth! Doesn’t it make me look adorable?”

And when you are a kid, a lost tooth makes you money. $$ As an adult, it costs you way more than all the money the tooth fairy ever gave you.”

6. Not again!

“Getting mail.

I remember everyday begging my parents if I got mail. (I had pen pals). I got so excited when something came for me.

Now I dread going to the mailbox because all that will be there are bills.”

7. Don’t try it.

“Spinning in circles.

I try to do that now while holding my little one and I do about two spins before I’m lightheaded and dizzy as a d**nk.”

8. Used to be fun…

“The State Fair.

Especially now that I have to pay for everything.”

9. The worst.

“People coming to your house to visit and stay a few days.

I love my friends so much but holy s**t I get so anxious having to keep people entertained for more than a night.

On that same note however it is great having those friends that you are close enough with to come hang out and just exist next to each other.”

10. Not fun anymore.

“Staying awake till 2 in the morning as a teen/young adult: “Yea baby!! the possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Staying awake till 2 in the morning as a 40-something: “This is gonna hurt in the morning”.”

11. Oh, great…

“Snow day.

I either have to take vacation time or make up those hours, and I’m going to spend the whole morning shoveling my d**n driveway.”

12. Very expensive.

“My parents took us to Disney World for a week as kids.

I went for 4 days with my husband a few years ago and wanted to go home with how expensive everything was.

I went home and thanked my parents for that trip.”

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