What’s Legal but Should Be Illegal? People Responded.

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1. Weird stuff.

“Child beauty pageants.

Yes, it’s child exploitation for every adult involved.

What are they getting out of it exactly? They are all on a spectrum line with ped**hiles.”

2. Out of control.


How the hell is it just for a politician to pick their constituents?

It results in more extreme candidates and disenfranchised voters who got packed or cracked.”

3. For real.

“Pharmaceutical ads.

You can’t treat prescription medicine like a consumer good.”

4. Shady.

“Congress owning stocks in any industry or company they regulate, take money from, etc.

Corporations donating to political campaigns.”

5. Crazy.

“Child Marriage is legal in numerous states across the USA. A majority of these cases are adult men marrying minor girls.

It is very hard for underage girls to escape these marriages, shelters legally can’t take them, there’s no way to get legal help, etc.

On top if that, many states trying to raise the Marriage age to 18 have an uphill fight from curmudgeonly politicians who hold on to a**-backwards beliefs.

It’s frustrating.”

6. Way too many.

“Sending catalogs to my house without my permission. The quantity of paper that is wasted is unreal.

We call to have them cancelled but they keep coming. I have to pay to have my trash collected where I live, so basically those companies are forcing me to pay to throw away their garbage that they created unnecessarily and there is nothing I can do.”

7. A bad system.

“When I go to a doctor and they suggest a test or procedure (an X ray for example), I should know how much I will be obligated to pay.

I declined a procedure today the doctor suggested because I had no clue what it would cost ( I have insurance).

It’s like going to a restaurant where the menu has no prices, except the “food” helps keep me “not sick or d**d.””

8. Messed up.

“Those predatory vehicle loan places for people with bad credit where you can be charged like quadruple what the car is worth and if the loan defaults the car can be sold over and over to more poor suckers.”

9. I like this idea.

“Political campaign donations. All Political campaigns should be free to run.

No one gets to advertise. Network TV Aires debates in prime time paid for by the taxpayer.”

10. Think about it.

“Poison bait stations for rodents used outdoors, which also poisons any animals further up the food chain that eat the affected rodents or their remains.”

11. Barbaric.

“Declawing cats.

I’d rather have my cats scratch my face off then ever putting them through that much pain.”

12. Very strange.

“Family vloggers and any other kind of of making kids famous on social media.

They have no privacy, no protections in place, nothing.”

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