12 Nostalgic Things That Are Just as Great as When They Were First Made

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Some popular things age exceptionally well. Other things fade into oblivion and/or lack of coolness.

Folks on AskReddit answered the question, “What is something that has aged well?” The answers range from celebrities to movies to science.

1. Classic rock.

“I find that a few classic rock bands are still very popular with young people today.

Bands such as the Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana especially are the most popular amongst my peers.”

2. Arabic numbers.

“Arabic numerals – or what most people call “numbers”.

Since around 500AD, it’s been 0123456789. And the entire world uses them.

Even cultures without the Latin alphabet use them. Always interesting seeing them used in Asian languages’ writing, as they stand out seeming ‘western’ but they were in fact developed in Asia by Hindu mathematicians and spread throughout Middle East where they became popular (hence ‘Arabic’ numerals).”

3. A star called Methuselah.

“Astronomer here!

There is a star about 200 light years away from us called the Methuselah star which appears to be about as old as the universe itself. Specifically, the universe is thought to be about 13.8 billion years old, and the star is, based on its composition estimated to be 14.46+/- 0.8 billion years old. So presumably if you err on the side of that minus, it’s younger than the age of the universe, but still, the fact that it’s been shining for a good 13+ billion years is astounding!

For reference, our sun has been burning for about 4.5 billion years, and has about 5 billion more to go… so this star has already lasted longer than our sun ever will.”

4. LEGO.

“My parents gave my fiancé all our old LEGO. We joke that it’s my “dowry”. He’s gotten hours of endless joy out of those boxes of LEGO.

It is literally at least 200lbs of LEGO that they gave him. Some of it is from the 60s that my mom had as a girl, the majority was my brother’s who moved out and wasn’t interested in keeping it, a small amount was mine that I had built and then lost interest in.

We play DND with them now. It’s pretty great.”

5. Jurassic Park.

“When I was a kid, I hated the lunch scene where they ate that delicious looking Chilean sea bass and Malcom challenged Hamm on his achievements, and I looked at it as the ‘’boring part we fast forward through’’ but now as an adult I absolutely love the dialogue and the messages.

I got my 14 yr old nephew on it and made sure I explained what that scene meant just so he understands that it’s not meant to be boring.”

6. Weird Al.

“Celebrity after celebrity comes out with drug problems, abuse allegations, friends with Weinstein, and there’s Weird Al, singing a Coronavirus polka.”

7. Calvin & Hobbes.

“My nine year old recently discovered one of my old c&h collections.

He has gotten every book the library has and just reads them over and over again.

It’s great when your kid loves something just as much as you did at their age.”

8. Megamind.


The villain being a nice guy incel was absolutely ahead of its time, and I think now that we are farther away from will Ferrell we can appreciate his role more now that its not something oversaturated. The animation still looks amazing, and the music selection feels very reminiscent of both shrek and guardians of the galaxy.

The comedy doesn’t feel dated at all, and very timeless. You could watch multiple times and learn something new every time (as i have… A lot). Its starting to get a lot more love now which is great because now i can talk about it with other people and not look batshit crazy”

9. Nintendo.

“Old Nintendo games… The speedrun community alone speaks for this.

It’s crazy how much hype there still is for 20-30 year old single player games.”

10. The Twilight Zone.

“The series premiered in 1959 and so many of the episodes still hold up today because of its brilliant writing.”

11. Golden Girls.

“Golden Girls didn’t just age well, it was lightyears ahead of its time.

I recently rewatched the episode where Rose finds out she might have been exposed to HIV. Even today, people still struggle sometimes to get that topic right.

To see it discussed like that just months out of the Reagan administration was mind-blowing.”

12. Lord of the Rings.

“I heard it put that the trilogy was made at the perfect time–cgi had gotten just good enough to be able to make all the fantastical stuff work, but not good enough to rely on for everything. The cg paired with incredible miniatures was done extraordinarily well.

There are a couple of green screen shots that have lost a little quality over time (mostly with the hobbits in front of scenes) but they did things like really built Rohan on a hill and relied on huge sets with loads of extras.

Somehow the stars aligned and Peter Jackson assembled the perfect crew for writing and production and they gathered perhaps the most ideal cast imaginable to produce a timeless screen adaptation of the greatest fantasy story ever told.”

All of these things have passed the greatest test of all: time. Now, time to go rewatch Jurassic Park!

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