13 People Discuss the Most Disturbing Videos and Audio Clips on the Internet

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I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know, but there are a TON of creepy videos and audio clips out there on the Internet.

Some of them are real, some of them are unexplainable and remain a mystery.

But you can definitely fall into some deep wormholes exploring all the creepiness out there.

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about what are the spookiest videos and audio clips you can find online.

Be warned: some of these answers may disturb you.

1. This is creepy.

“The sounds schizophrenic people hear, it’s a reconstitution made by doctors and validated by people who suffer from schizophrenia as something they hear often.”


2. That poor whale.

“The loneliest whale, from what I recall it’s a sound they’ve recorded several times, but never found the whale itself. It’s call is a higher* frequency than any other that they’ve recorded and only ever seems to be from one.”

The 52-hertz whale.

3. Absolutely terrible.

“There was a video of a Chinese dude who could do parkour and he always climbed big all buildings and there was one clip at the end of the tribute where he was slowly losing his grip and you could see the despair he was in.

It got to the point where he was slipping so bad on this reslly big skyscraper he gave up and just jumped off. Screamed the whole way down.”


4. Very distressing.

“No murder and gore here, just a bird going extinct while holding onto hope that there is another one of its kind still out there. Maybe I’m overly sensitive but I always found it distressing.”

The mating call of the last Kauaʻi ʻōʻō

5. Terrifying.

“Video shot by a SCUBA diver who was exploring a “blue hole”, got caught by the down current and pulled to the bottom, where he ran out of air and suffocated.

You can hear the poor guy scream through his regulator as he realises that he’s going to die.

Fucking chilling. I am a SCUBA diver, but having seen this, down currents and blue holes can fuck right off. I’m going nowhere near either of them.”


6. Awful.

“The Versailles wedding hall disaster.

It was a fairly lucrative event hall in Jerusalem. The contractor who built the hall cut some corners and it was not up to specs, in particular, they misused a newly invented building material called Pal-kal. Then, on May 24, 2001, during a wedding, the entire dance floor collapsed into the ground floor. 23 people died, including the bride.

The inventor of Pal-kal was then sentenced to four years in jail, which is weird on its on.

There is a (very very unpleasant) video of the crash.

The song in the background is called (roughly translated) “I have a golden heart”, which was an incredibly major hit by a very popular singer Sarit Haddad (look her up, you’ll probably won’t like her style but she has an unbelievable voice), which since the incident decided never to perform it again. So one of the stickiest, catchiest, and frankly a bit annoying songs of the decade became a symbol for negligent catastrophe.”

7. Aztec death whistle.

“You ever heard an Aztec death whistle before? You won’t forget it quickly.”


8. He was the killer.

Stephen McDaniel being interviewed on the local news about his missing neighbor (who he had killed and dismembered) and learning mid interview that her body had been found.

The link also contains footage that he shot of the victim through her window the night he killed her.”

9. Space sounds.

“Howling planets, whistling plasma waves, and pelting space rocks: the sounds of space is spooky — and NASA compiled a list of them. The atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan resembles the static noise coming off a TV, with a rhythmic sound going on and off in the background. It is the unknown that spooked us.”


10. The Golden State Killer.

This phone call that the Golden State Killer made to one of his previous victims.”

11. A scary station.

“Russian ghost radio station has always creeped me out, no one knows who runs it or why. It just makes odd sounds and every once in a while someone will speak. the russian ghost station.”

12. Very unsettling.

The video of Elisa Lam in the elevator before her death.

I just have no idea what she’s doing, people at its clear that there’s someone off camera and I get why they say that, but I don’t think anything is clear. She’s acting so strange and then to turn up dead a few days later… So sad and unsettling.”

13. A terrible tragedy.

“2003 station nightclub concert. Pyrotechnics were used irresponsibly causing foam to catch fire which then spread to the surroundings and engulfed the building in flames within a matter of minutes. 100 people lost their lives .

So many things in this video still give me chills when I think about it, the screams, the sheer magnitude of it all, and the time it took people to register what happened.”


Spooky stuff!

What about you?

What do you think are the creepiest things out there on the Internet?

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