12 of the Best Replies to the Question, “What Lasted Longer Than the Confederacy?”

In case you’re wondering, trying to unearth facts from the bowels of your memories of high school history class, the American Confederacy lasted a total of around 5 years, and ended in flaming, disastrous defeat.

There are, in fact, many things that have lasted longer than 5 years, and these 12 people stand ready and willing to give you some context.

12. May it rest in peace.

Maybe one day it will rise again, and that would be ok.

11. Awkward on so many levels.

I didn’t even know it could go that deep.

10. Hardly anyone remembersย that.

Some things are best left to the dustbin of history.

9. Most bands, honestly.

And that’s saying something.

8. A blast from the past.

They’re usually not welcome, I don’t think.

7. That’s…something.

I hope Pat is still alive and has turned things around!

6. Nowย that’sย an accomplishment.

Hat’s off to you, lady.

5. I need brain bleach after reading this.

My eyes are burning a little, too.

4. It took us way longer than that to realize our hair wasn’t ever going to look like hers.

She’s got magical hair.

3. That’s a lot of yikes for one tweet.

So many yikes on this thread, actually.

2. Yikes.

I hope you get that cleared up soon.

1. An excellent point.

Also a very weird point, but here we are.

I could not love this thread more, I swear!

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