12 Of The Most Questionable Things People Sold Online

They say there’s a market for everything. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and all of that – and the success of both garage sales and thrift stores seems to suggest this is true.

At least to an extent.

Still, it’s hard to imagine meeting the people who are in the market for these 12 truly questionable (and sometimes terrifying) items people were hoping to sell online.

12. First off, that’s a lot of money.

Second…that is not a reborn human doll, right?

Someone please tell me wtf this is from WTFgaragesale

11. Parenting is a wild ride, my friends.

But surely someone out there needs drug-free antique pee?

quick question wtf? from WTFgaragesale

10. Do they know that leaves are not mulch?

Or are they just trying to pull one over on people?

Selling leaves is certainly a new one for me. from WTFgaragesale

9. This definitely went home with someone.

There may even have been a bidding war.

My heart says buy it, but my mind says no. from WTFgaragesale

8. Some women could get behind this.

Probably not many couples, though.

I check Offerup for chairs every few days…. from WTFgaragesale

7. We might have a relic here.

Someone call the Catholic church.

keep on truckin’ from comedyheaven

6. I have no idea what’s happening here.

But I wish that I could unsee this image.

Not sure where the rest of it went. from WTFgaragesale

5. Quite the sales pitch.

You’ve gotta play to your audience.

The Perfect Bed to Preserve Virginity! from WTFgaragesale

4. I think that’s supposed to be a sofa.

But I would really like to know how it was unassembled/reassembled.

Just why… from WTFgaragesale

3. There are definitely going to be takers.

Even if they are just dudes wanting to prank their wives.

Ah the ol shoe toilet from WTFgaragesale

2. Bless.

I bet this actually came in handy for someone’s last minute Halloween costume.

I want to wear this on a Zoom meeting and give no explanation. from WTFgaragesale

1. That is quite the monstrosity.

And I’m not going to lie, I kind of love it.

Big bird. Definitely cursed. from WTFgaragesale

Y’all, I’m about to have some nightmares over this stuff.

Have you ever sold something truly unique? Bought something no one else wanted? We’re dying to hear details down in the comments!