12 People Admit Common Things That They Can’t Do

My brother, God bless him, can’t whistle.

He’s been trying for years to figure it out, but he just can’t get the hang of it.

Poor guy, maybe he’ll get there one day…

Check out what these folks on AskReddit admitted that they can’t do. Enjoy!

1. Nothing casual about it.

“Casual s**. My brain will fall in love with anyone I am intimate with.

I used to think there was something wrong with me for wanting my partner to be exclusive with me because modern society/hook up culture values emotional detachment…but now I know it’s just not for me, it’s ok to want to be loved and cared for.. it’s a good thing!

Catch those feelings!!”

2. Try to change that!


Everyone asks, “but what if you’re on a boat and it sinks? What will you do then??”

I’ll d**, Susan. I can’t swim.”

3. You probably shouldn’t go camping.

“Go places without getting lost.

My sense of direction is nonexistent. GPS says go north. Wtf?

I struggle with right and left.”

4. It’s hard!

“Math. Of any kind.

I’m 36 and I’ve got a 2nd grade math education. I passed by the skin of my teeth in school so i could graduate, but i cant do much beyond basic addition and subtraction….

And dont talk to me about calculators. I dont know how to use those with higher math either.”

5. Disaster area.

“Keep up with housework. My house is a disaster until I hyper focus 2 hours before guests are supposed to arrive.

I feel frustrated and upset by the mess, and want so desperately to clean, but cannot do it. Thanks, ADHD”

6. What time is it?

“Read an analog clock in under 5 seconds.

I am 45.

I am a software architect in a f100 company.

Still not that bright.”

7. Weird.

“Form mental images.

So I can’t create imaginary images and my memory is not visual, my memories are essentially just lists of words and very limited.”

8. Not gonna happen.

“I can’t sit with my legs crossed. Never have been able to.

My mobility and flexibility otherwise is normal, but for some reason I just can’t bend that way.”

9. Not a huge fan.

“Find babies cute. They look like potatoes.

Don’t get me wrong, I like kids. Just I don’t go Gaga when I see a baby.”

10. Stay off the road.


I’m thirty six years old and I could never do it.

I’ve been behind the wheel, but when I turn the car goes all wavy, plus there’s way to much to focus on and my brain is like “nah”.”

11. Don’t really care.

“Have strong opinions about food.

People will say “oh this restaurant is amazing” our “this city has great food”. Although I can tell the difference between a bad pizza and an “amazing”. Pizza, i don’t really have a preference between the two. Could also eat same food every day no problem. Gf is total opposite

. I always joke that if they made kibble for humans as cheap as dog food, it’s all I would eat. Even looked at bulk ordering pemmican once, but it’s expensive.”

12. It’s not computing.

“Anything to do with finances.

I don’t know why I just can’t understand any of it. I work, make money and pay my bills. Other than that, buying a house, car, loan stuff, mortgage stuff … I’m so LOST!

We were looking to refinance and heard my husband talking about the ‘arm’ or no ‘arm’ … Totally lost. It bothers me but I don’t know where to begin.”

What common things can you just not do?

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