12+ People Admit the Weirdest Things They Do When They’re Alone


Guess what? Everyone you know is pretty much a crazy person, and that includes that person looking back at you in the mirror, pal.

Don’t try to deny it. We’re all weird, and that’s okay. And sh*t gets really wacky when people are all alone.

These AskReddit users were brave enough to admit the weirdest things they do when they’re all by their lonesome.

1. “He’s currently walking into the kitchen”

“I commentate everything I do. And I seem to do everything well, according to the commentator.”

2. Star of your own movie

“I’ll act out bits of my little personal fantasies. Not like sexual fantasies, but more like…self-insert fanfics. I’ll fully act out dialogue and action scenes.

I’m not proud.”

3. You do you

“Sometimes I just lay on the floor and…exist.”

4. When no one is listening

“I like to push the limits of my vocal abilities and try to see if I can reach higher/lower ranges than what is in my comfort zone.”

5. Nice work!

“Walking around my room having ima imaginary arguments with myself, and feeling accomplished when I win.”

6. Let it all hang out

“I like being nude. Just doing everything in the nude. Watching TV, feeding the cats, sweeping the floor….you name it.”

7. Putting on a show

“I sing to strangers in traffic.”

8. Fetish

“I own a fair amount of latex fetish wear. Sometimes, I’ll put that stuff on, shine it up, and just do normal life stuff in it.”

9. Psycho Face

“Some times I will stare at the wall thinking about things I have to do and goals I have. Eventually I start to imagine lots of different things. But it looks like I am just sitting there wide eyed and looking at nothing. I will sometimes do it for hours. My girlfriend will come home and catch me sometimes. Freaks her out a little and she calls it my “Psycho Face.” Lol.”

10. Feelin’ great

“I’ll make sound effect sounds while doing things, such as Street Fighter or Star Wars. Randomly I’ll just go… “Senpuuuuuu-HADOUKEN!” and feel great about it.”

11. Up and down

“Uncontrollably grieve for basically no reason, then experience a random surge of enthusiasm. Rinse and repeat.”

12. Good for you!

“Sit on my hands , until they are numb , and then touch myself with those.”

13. Reverting to a kid again

“When I get sick and I am home alone, I’ll bring down a few stuffed animals into the living room, make some hot tea, and turn on Nickelodeon or The NHK channel.”

14. Dressing up

“I’ve recently taken to dressing as a big t*tty goth babe. Been losing weight and gaining body confidence. Bought some cute clothing on Amazon and some cheap wigs.

I enjoy it more than I would have expected. I’d probably be more convincing if I shaved my massive beard lol.”

15. Both sound great

“Act out tearful conversations that I fear of having in the future (breakups, confessing lies, people dying, whatever kind of stuff) and try to find the correct words in case something like that comes up, and pretending to have those conversations makes me actually cry sometimes.

Also (unrelated), horrible freestyle rap.”