12 People Describe Times They Really Wanted to Laugh, But Definitely Couldn’t

There are plenty of times in life where laughing is not only preferable and encouraged, it’s completely unstoppable. Those are great moments, because laughter is good for the soul and all of that.

There are equally hilarious moments when you are definitely not supposed to laugh, but something strikes you as funny and it takes everything you’ve got not to bust out with giggles.

Here’s to moments like those – and since they’re not happening to you, you can crack up at these 12 stories all you want.

12. Laugh and die, kid.

A teacher in middle school tore me apart for being an a$shole in his class because I was being an a$shole. As he finished, he kicked his legs back to look smug, etc. and flipped his chair over.

He shot up so quickly with such a red face that I thought if I made a peep he would probably kill me. I was dying on the inside.

11. Not a spoiler.

Something similar happened when I went to see Hamilton. When he (spoiler!) gets shot by Burr and dies, this girl in front of me audibly gasped and said “oh, no!”

I had no idea the ending was a mystery to people so I was chortling while Alexander was dying.

10. Definitely going to hell.

So one time, me and my class were watching a play where all the actors were both blind and deaf.

At one point, they were walking on the stage with no one to guide them and one of them fell off the stage.

9. Bless.

When my aunt died I was heartbroken, I loved her very very much. She was in a coma and we had a sort of living wake for her.

At her funeral though, I don’t know I must’ve been all cried out or something.

True to her style though, she played the godd*mn Collingwood theme song as the coffin left and I lost my shit. I pretended to sob down the back of the church, but I was pissing myself laughing.

8. Everybody’s a comedian.

I was getting a passport photo taken at a Walgreens. Nice, older man grabs the camera and has me stand in front of the white backdrop and says earnestly “No smiling. The passport people hate their lives so no one can look happy.”

Because that totally helped me keep a straight face lol

7. Everyone is silently panicking.

My first time in Houston, a very large lady was going up a full escalator. Near the top, she suddenly “fell” into a low sitting position as if her legs gave in.

She didn’t fall down the steps or anything, she was just stationary (no longer moving up with the escalator).

Her size prevented anyone from passing around her so everyone behind her began to walk backwards to not crash into her, some picking up their luggage.

6. A forever laugh.

My mother-in-law was basically awful to me early in our relationship. Called me names, made comments about my family, made comments about my upbringing in a trailer home. Really cool. I remember always trying to be the better person. Anyway, there was a big gathering of my wife’s family.

My MIL was “holding court” and made a few shots at me at the dinner. She left to get something out of the kitchen at some point. On her return, someone had closed the screen door, and she walked right into it. Mid stride, mid sentence. She made a hilarious noise. I almost guffawed, but my wife clenched my knee.

I laughed on the inside, and pictured it whenever I needed a pick-me-up from her narcissistic victimhood. We are estranged from her now. Big shock.

5. That didn’t go as planned.

Our class salutatorian started her speech with “today we are here for our graduated cylinders – I mean our graduation” and went “hehe” and at the time that she chuckled at her own joke, which definitely was a joke, I, a lone patron of comedy in a convention center of thousands, who was already on thin ice, let out a very audible laugh and “WOO” and the monitor, which was based on sound, cut to me as I laughed and caught the woo.

I genuinely found it funny and could not stop laughing until well after the ceremony finished

4. Not the right moment.

I was watching hunger games in theaters and the Rue death scene caused a reaction from the person behind me that left me laughing so hard I thought the people who didn’t hear her would think I was a horrible person.

Right when the spear hits her I heard this “O DAMN” from behind me like the most stereotypical dumb reaction gif sound effect of a dude getting kicked in the nads. It clashed with the scene so much and was the only time the person ever spoke it just cracked me up

3. How did you do it??

I’ve watched some children run into glass doors, but I couldn’t laugh I had to be “nice”

As a parent, I hold it back long enough to see that they’re ok (not bloody, broken, etc.) then start laughing.

It seems to make them laugh off small pains. They see that other people are laughing, and they’re less likely to cry for attention.

2. For a whole month.

When I was a kid with my mom and 15 families and 30-40 kids standing in a parking lot.

Mom is trying to get everyone organized by grade and this one kid that was in the year below me was tearing around jumping into people screaming and being a general terror.

Mom turns to me and says, “Can you get him to stop?”. Kid is running straight at me, so I step to the side and sweep his legs clear out from under him as he jumps.

This wasn’t a little trip, the kid hit the pavement/curb so hard both legs flew folded over backwards and almost kicked himself in the back of the head from the momentum.

My mom screams and I knew I screwed up instantly and turned only to see the kids own mother just about folding herself over to keep from laughing. I just said, “What, he stopped now.” Poor kid had to get stitches and I felt terrible about it for like a month.

1.  Not a ghost.

The cd started skipping at my stepmoms funeral.

Everyone thought it was a sign from her but it turned out it was just a sh%tty cd.

I feel sorry for these folks, because I’m laughing for sure.

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