12 People on the Habit They Wished They’d Picked up Sooner

Every human being on the planet has regrets about how they spent their youth. It’s normal, but listen – if you can learn to take advice from those older than you, really hear them out, you can avoid making at least all of the mistakes we have.

If you’re still young, here are 12 things older people say you won’t regret starting today – not tomorrow.

12. Not all parents are good parents.

Ignore my parents.

Turns out narcissistic parents that raise you under a rock to believe they have the best intentions for you. Is a complete lie.

If I had ignored them, I would have started saving up money at 14yrs old (latest) and moved out at 18.

11. It’s never too early.

INVESTING. Put 10 percent of every paycheck into stocks, bonds, ROTH IRA, etc… I never did and ended up getting a military retirement instead.

I would have been so much better off if I had invested right out of high school and just kept doing it.

10. What a sad person.

Cutting of my narcissistic father earlier.

He is 92 years old and in hospice and treats the entire family like his own personal emotional punching bag.

No one will miss him when he is dead.

9. Refocusing your mind is a helpful trick.


8. You can turn it around.

Eating healthy and exercising.

I’m 40 and have all sorts of issues due to an extremely poor diet as a child.

Don’t be like me, start now. It’s easier than you realize.

7. Don’t take your grandparents for granted.

Painting and building miniatures, my Grandad used to build trains and railway miniatures.

Wish I managed to show him some of my miniatures I have painted and learned from him.

6. Drink more water.

For me the one I could have started earlier is drinking enough water! I cut out soda in my first year of high school, but I didn’t really replace it with anything. All throughout high school & up until I actually graduated from undergrad, I would proudly say “I’m like a cactus! I just don’t need that much water!”

Well, I finally started drinking the proper amount of water just to try it. I felt amazing! My chronic headaches were basically gone. I had energy. My skin looked great. It’s been maybe 3 years since then, and I’ve been drinking tons of water ever since. I can’t believe how many terrible headaches I could have avoided by just drinking more water.

My siblings roll their eyes at me, but they get “chronic” headaches too! So I always tell them to drink more water. They don’t listen at all though. Only time will tell, so I hope they figure it out like I did.

5. Take your health seriously, no matter how you go about it.

Brazilian JuJitsu I have rolled with kids 20 years younger than me and get absolutely destroyed.

No matter what age or body weight you are, BJJ is an excellent skill to have.

You basically will dominate 90% of new comers with just a little practice.

4. Money is important.

Learning how to manage my finances. Through my twenties, I wasn’t a mindful spender, and racked up some debt (~$20k)…

I wasn’t able to pay it off because I was at a low paying apprenticeship, but I finally paid off my last credit card last week! Now I’m planning on saving for the real estate market correction and pick up some properties.

3. Really open your mind.

Learning about other cultures and other languages.

It opens your perspective exponentially.

2. You’re worth it.

Standing up for myself.

It would have made my home life a lot more tolerable.

1. How I wish I’d accomplished this in my 20s.

Not giving a f%ck.

I still need to work on some of these, but it’s a great list.

If there’s anything you would add to it, tell us in the comments!