12 People Point Out Continuity Errors In Your Favorite Television Shows

Anyone who works in a creative field knows that, no matter how hard you try to avoid those annoying and glaring little errors, some are bound to sneak through.

Typos are my forever nemesis as a writer, y’all.

For film and television producers, directors, and editors, most of those small things come in the form of continuity errors – something that changes mid-scene, or a fact that changes halfway through a series, etc.

Here are 12 examples people have noticed in some pretty popular shows, and fair warning: you’re not going to be able to unsee any of these.

12. We’ll forgive this show absolutely anything.

Image Credit: CBC

When Moira (Schitt’s Creek) first auditions for The Crows Have Eyes 2 she describes it as a sequel, but when she actually goes to the set, it says it’s The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening.

I would watch either or both, to be honest.

11. Maybe he had more than one?

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Colonel Blake calls his wife Mildred early in the series but later refers to her as Lorraine.

I mean. I guess it would be sort of hard to get divorced and remarried all while deployed overseas.

10. If only that happened in real life.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed/The WB

Rory has a pretty bulky cast on her arm, but then it disappears in the same episode.

As a writer, can confirm that stuff like that is super hard to keep track of.

9. You know Norm isn’t that fast.

Norm’s having a conversation in close-up, his hand resting on the bar near his glass.

In the wider shot, though, his hand rests around his glass instead.

8. Chandler wasn’t too memorable, I suppose.

Image Credit: NBC

They met a couple of times when they were teenagers, and then are introduced again in the pilot episode.

Which is actually kind of funny, though, considering Chandler’s whole schtick is being forgettable and boring and not remembering him is something Rachel would 100% do.

7. OK but someone could have skipped a grade, right?

Image Credit: The CW

On Riverdale, Jason and Cheryl are twins – but they’re not in the same grade (we don’t think).

Cheryl is in the same grade as Polly’s younger sister Betty, while Polly and Jason are in the same grade.

Jason could have skipped a grade or his sister could have been held back though, or maybe Betty skipped a grade?

I don’t think this doesn’t necessarily have to be wrong.

6. I’m going with Season 3 being more in character.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

In Season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake is seen doing a fair number of pull-ups.

Then in Season 3, he can’t do a single one.

I mean. We’ve all gone through those periods when we can’t be bothered to work out, right?

5. The Fresh Prince might have moved more than once.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

When Will first arrived at the mansion in Bel-Air, it’s definitely not the same place it turns into a few seasons later.

They totally upgraded, even in Bel-Air.

4. I knew he was a magic butler.

In this scene where Geoffrey is speaking to Uncle Phil, he’s holding a tray with his boss’s used glass (among other things).

The glass magically refills itself at some point during the conversation.

3. There’s definitely a market for vanishing nail polish.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed/20th Century Fox

Jess (of New Girl) is sitting with her hands wrapped around a mug in this scene, her nails painted a bright shade of red (or maybe pink).

Then…her nails are naked. You have no idea how many times I’ve wish this could be a thing.

2. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Image Credit: Ashmont Productions

On Bewitched, Samantha is able to easily freeze time…but she never uses it to fix any of her troubles.

And let’s be honest, being able to stop time and mess around would really solve a lot of problems.

1. Lily grew up fast on Modern Family.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Lily is already 12 years old in Season 9 of the series, even though she was a newly-adopted infant when the series began.

Also, Gloria and Jay are celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary, even though they had also just gotten married in the pilot episode.

I don’t know why I like lists like this so much. Maybe because it makes me feel less alone in my mistakes.

What’s an error you’ve picked up on in a show or a movie? Add it to our list in the comments!