12 People Share Advice They Think All Teenagers Should Know

The teen years are tough for everyone.

I’m sure you remember them well if you’ve already been there, right?

And advice goes a long way during those rough times.

So if you’re currently a teen (or a pre-teen), check out this advice from folks who are older and wiser.

1. Good one.

“Life becomes better when you realize you aren’t searching for someone to “complete you” or someone who you think will make your life suddenly perfect and happy.

You have to learn how to be enough on your own. Learning how to love myself and be enough for myself has been the most important process I’ve undertaken. Once you’re confident in who you are, then relationships aren’t a desperate need.

You find people who ADD to your life but who you don’t need to depend on for all of your emotional fulfillment.”

2. All great points.

“Start an exercise habit while your young. Getting fit will make your life better in a lot of ways.

Start saving now. An IRA or other long term investment.

Get into good eating and sleeping habits.

Give fewer f**ks about unimportant things.”

3. Yes!

“The idea of an ‘adult’ that you have when you’re a child is not real.

As soon as you realize that there are no real ‘adults’ and we’re all essentially children/big children making it up for the best you become an actual adult.”

4. Listen up!

“If you drink, drink in moderation. If you’re incapable of drinking without getting wasted, don’t drink.

Also, if you’re an a**hole when you drink? Don’t drink.

No-one who tries to pressure you to do things you know aren’t a good idea is actually worth knowing.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to have s**, don’t have s**.

If you are going to have s**, use protection. Not just against pregnancy – against STDs as well.

Never, ever have s** without using condoms unless you’re in a stable, exclusive relationship where everyone involved has been tested since the last time they had s** with someone else.

If your partner cheats on you, the problem is them, not the person they cheated with and not you.

You can’t make someone like you if they don’t.

Wear sunscreen and drink water.”


“Your struggles right now are not unimportant and even if others have “worse” problems, you deserve help and kindness.

Also high school sucks for basically everyone.

And you don’t need to go to college if you don’t think it will be for you.”

6. Nothing wrong with that at all.

“There’s nothing wrong with blue collar.

I spent way too long chasing a college degree and desk job before I realized there’s nothing wrong with pulling on some steel toes and going to a factory.

Some people aren’t made for manual labor, some people are. Don’t let someone else convince you that you need a desk job if you thrive doing the heavy lifting.”

7. Take your time.

“Life isn’t a race.

There is no prize for finishing early.”

8. This is nice.

“Learn to love yourself before seeking affirmation from partner, parents, friends etc. And don’t expect to get as much out of any relationship as you put in.

Also, learn to find things you love about everyone you meet in life and tell them about it.”

9. They’re usually right.

“Parents can be out of touch but they are generally right about bad/dangerous situations and sketchy people.”

10. You gotta work hard.

“Whatever life goals you may end up having, realize that you have to work hard to achieve them.

How the hard work ends up looking like or being like will vary, but it’s an unending truth that all things worth achieving requires you to put in some kind of leg work.

And realize it was never supposed to be pleasant.”

11. Don’t follow trends.

“Care less what is trendy and cool and be yourself. Wasting time doing what everyone else is doing is a waste of your time.

Figuring out who you are in your late 20’s or 30’s because you were too busy being what others wanted or expected sucks.”

12. Absolutely.

“High school is temporary and not that important.

Get a passport as soon as you can. If your family is s**t you can leave them and there is no obligation – no matter what society says – to stay by them. The sooner you walk away the sooner the rest of your life starts.

Learn about money. Don’t freak out if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Go towards your area of interest.”

Do you have any advice for teenagers?

If so, let us know in the comments.

Thanks in advance!