13 People Discuss Things They Think Are Disgusting That Everyone Else Seems to Like

Different strokes for different folks.

It’s what makes the world go ’round, people!

And some things that you love are despised by other people and vice versa.

Are you ready to see some different perspectives on all kinds of things?

Take a look at what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. All the rage.

“Tiger King.

The guy is a sociopath who manipulated two young straight men into a s**ual relationship, which ended in one of them committing s**cide. Then he had the audacity to give the most tasteless eulogy in front of the guy’s family.

He’s a predator and I’m shocked that more non-straight and non-monogamous people aren’t speaking up against him being released and getting more screen time.”

2. Not a whiskey person.


I have so many friends who love it, but the moment it touches my tongue I gag immediately, regardless of how expensive it is.”

3. I’m gonna be sick…

“Pictures with babies being gross, like with spaghetti all over their faces and that sort of thing.

I do not get the appeal and doubt I ever will.”

4. No more milk!


I don’t like the smell especially warmed up.

It’s just gross and i’ve never liked it and don’t get how people just drink plain milk.

The thought alone makes me want to vomit.”

5. Haven’t been to one in a while…

“Buffet style restaurants.

I don’t like it when other guests mess around with the food I eat.

Even before Covid…”

6. You’re not alone…


Like I can eat onion rings and bloomin onions but I cannot stand onions any other way. In sauces, soups, on any other food they just overpower it and make everything taste like onion.

Maybe they are just disgusting to me but that’s my 2 cents.”

7. No booze for you.

“Being dr**k / drinking.

I tried being dr**k once and didn’t like it.

I like being in control of my actions 24/7.”

8. Pretty annoying.

“James Corden. Can’t stand the guy.

He could be the kindest man in the world but to me, he isn’t funny, lacks any semblance of charm, and just outright annoying to me.

I don’t get it.”

9. Please don’t do that.

“Clipping your nails anywhere outside of your house.

If you are in a nail salon that makes sense… but if you are at work/on the bus?!

Just don’t.”

10. A weird one.

“Bananas. The smell of ripe bananas makes me want to throw up.

I have not met anyone else that dislikes ripe bananas.”

11. Wow.


I’ve tried every type from IPA to Lager to Ale, I even work in a bar that prides itself in having over 100 different kinds/brands/whatever of beer. It all tastes bad, like watery bitterness with very little difference in flavor. Oh, you’re saying that cool new blueberry beer really tastes like blueberries?

No it doesn’t, why would you lie to me like this? I was looking forward to the taste of blueberries combined with some carbonation and a hint of al**hol, but all I got was blue bitter carbonated shit with a lingering sense of betrayal.

This is why I stick to cocktails and ciders, cause at least that s**t has flavor.”

12. You’re missing out!

“Fish and seafood – it’s disgusting and I h**e it.

Tried to eat it, but it’s just not for me.”

13. I love them!


The flavour some of them give off is nice, but whenever I see a dish with mushrooms, I do my very best to filter them out.

They smell like sweaty feet before cooking and the texture after cooking is like a gel eraser.

Yuck no thanks.”

Are there some disgusting things that you notice everyone seems to like?

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