What Would You Wish for a Genie Appeared Out of Nowhere? People Responded.

The responses you’re about to read are based on true stories…

Okay, that was a HUGE LIE, but we’re still gonna have some fun digging into what these folks had to say!

What would you wish for if a genie appeared out of nowhere?

Let’s take a look at what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Craving a burger.

“I wish for a burger from this this pub that used to be a block from my campus but closed like 5 years ago.”

2. That’s too bad.

“To take all pain away from my wife, I don’t like seeing her suffer with her leg/back pain.”

3. Looking for courage.

“I’d wish for the courage to seek out a girlfriend.

I imagine I already am perfect for more than one person, and I just need to seek out who I find as close to perfect.”

4. The plan.

“A singular amount of $1,000,000 USD in 10s, 20s, and 50s.

I then proceed to purchase my grandma’s house and acquire a vehicle. I then save the rest for emergencies, bills, luxury expenses and investments.

I then go to college and work on my pc setup so I can gain higher education and have fun on YouTube. In my free time I get to work on writing a book.

If we are allowed more then one wish ide have to think about it. Maybe have California not be an oven for 3/4ths of the year in the valley and rid myself of any possible ailments that I have.”

5. That would be nice.

“I wish for perfect mental and physical health for the rest of my life.

By this I mean that I’ll mentally and emotionally deal with everything in a healthy and normal manner, I’ll never get sick, and injuries will heal at the fastest possible rate.”

6. Freedom.

“A cure for insomnia and all other mental illness PLEASE

Imagine living and enjoying it and having ability and energy to pursue your life the way you want. No panic attacks. No self harm trance, no s**cide thoughts, no depression or mental exhaustion, no dissociation or cptsd triggers. No flashbacks.

No trauma memories or trauma reactions. No obstacles. Just freedom.”

7. Solid answer.

“5 minutes of sleep leaves me as rested as 8 hours.

That’s it.”

8. I quit!

“A whole bunch of money.

Enough that I could put it away and live off the interest without having to slave away at work.”

9. A love story.

“I wish for the love of my life to get her visa.

After living with her nearly five years in her home country and then coming back to try and build our foundation of happiness and supposed freedom.”

10. That’s nice.

“A debit card that never runs out of money but I can only use it to buy gifts for other people.

I love giving gifts but I don’t want to be corrupted by having lots of money.”

11. Do it!

“All student loan debt in the US to be instantly forgiven.

Sit back and watch the chaos.”

12. What a wonderful world.

“A world without discrimination, wide rich/poor gap and hate, where one could actually get everything they wanted if they worked hard.”

What would you wish for!

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