13 People Talk About Things That Were Incredibly Popular and Seemed to Suddenly Vanish

I’m pretty sure that the emergence of social media has a lot to do with this, but popular things don’t seem to stick around as long these days…

At least that’s the way that I look at it…

Take a look at what these folks had to say on AskReddit and see if you agree with them.

1. It was a good look.

“Hats on men, except in winter.

Hats of all kinds were de rigour for men of every social class for more than a century.

Then, suddenly around the early 50s, men put them down and never picked them up again. POOF.”

2. Remember them?

“The Wallflowers in the 1990s.

Jakob Dylan’s voice is just the perfect combination of his dad’s oddity and actually singing. That’s not a dig on Bob by the way, he was never a great SINGER anyway.

His IMMENSE talent was in his writing and his performance.”

3. What’s my age, again?


AOL and MySpace

Multi disc CD players

Am I showing my age too much?”

4. Up and down.


Man, 1996-or-so was a wild ride of split knuckles and soaring emotions.”

5. The old days…

“Pet Rocks

Click Clacks

Pop Rocks (I think, haven’t seen them in a while)

Radio Shack.”

6. Drink it up.

“Orange Julius.

They just seamlessly merged with DQ and their branding no longer exists.

Sucks, really, because now you have to say “I got a smoothie from Dairy Queen” instead of “I got an Orange Julius”.”

7. Did you do it?


I’m glad; I’m “old” and thought it was kinda dumb from the start, but then it lasted far, far longer than it should have or than I expected.

Thank goodness the collective finally decided it was over, and it disappeared virtually overnight. Actually, it’s kind of impressive how fast it went away.”

8. Gone in an instant.


No idea where they went but remember them being very popular in junior high.”

9. Forgotten.

“Bird Box.

It was the only thing talked about for like a month then never spoken of again.”

10. Don’t see them anymore.


I mean I still have my both classics somewhere, but doubt the battery works now I wore them out. Now most people use their phones for music.

I know there’s quite a few who still use them, especially audiophiles but I stopped when it became to bothersome to carry both a phone and ipod in my pocket with the weight.”

11. The Weasel.

“I remember when America’s love of Pauly Shore just disappeared overnight.

It was so noteworthy that he made a movie about it called, ‘Pauly Shore is Dead’, and it is probably one of his best movies.”

12. I like this theory.

“Where did Furbies go?

I don’t even remember getting rid of mine, it just disappeared as I grew up.

I think they all became sentient and started their own civilization in a jungle somewhere.”

13. Austin who?

“Austin Powers.

I teach freshmen in college, and they have no idea about that. Those movies were so big.

They also don’t know about Game of Thrones, but that’s probably for the best.”

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