12 People Share Creepy Stories About When They Knew Something Wasn’t Right

Have you ever had an experience where your stomach got all queasy, your pulse quickened, and you knew you had to get out of somewhere ASAP?

I have and it is pretty creepy…but that’s why you have to always listen to your gut!

Let’s take a look at these scary stories about when people just knew that something was off…and they lived to tell about it.

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1. The jogger.

“I had just parked my car at work and had gotten out and was walking around to my trunk when I noticed a jogger in the parking lot I didn’t recognize.

Before and after work we see quite a few people jogging/walking from the other businesses in the office park so it’s not an unusual sight. But this guy made me feel like I shouldn’t turn my back to him for some reason. He wasn’t acting off or anything to make me feel that way at all.

So I’m now digging thru my trunk and my lunch has rolled to the back and my little stubby arms can’t reach it from standing and I know I’ll have to lean way into my trunk to get it. I start to lean and I’m still watching the jogger out of the corner of my eye and see him stop jogging and start sneaking along the line of cars leading to mine.

In hindsight I should have slammed my trunk shut and sprinted for the front door. What I did was square up and face the direction he was coming from and yell “Good morning! Can I help you?” when he slunk around the SUV next to my car. He was surprised and turned and hauled a** away. A second later one of the managers came barreling out the front door towards me yelling for me to get inside there’s a predator in the parking lot.

We never saw the dude again but I made sure everyone was on the look out for him. I know better than to play on my phone in parking lots, who knows what would have happened If I’d been distracted. Would the manager have made it outside in time? I think about it time to time even tho it’s been like 6 years or so.

Our work parking lot is very safe. I’ve never even heard of someone having stuff stolen out of their unlocked cars. It took a long time for it to feel safe again.”

2. Wow.

“I got home from work and as soon as I stepped out of my car something felt off.

My upstairs neighbor left his dog out, which wasn’t super uncommon but she was acting strange which just added to my weird intuition. Normally she’s super excited to great you but this time she just sat by his door.

About 20 minutes pass and I can’t shake the feeling. I decide to go to his door and see if he wants to come down for a drink. As I approach I notice his dog made it inside but now she’s barking nonstop. I knock and I knock until I’m pounding on his door.

I jiggle the handle and it’s locked, I run down and through my house to a back stairwell that connects our residences. I open the door to his apartment and he’s overdosing on Percocet, convulsing on the ground struggling to breathe. EMS said if they had been called 10 minutes later he might not have survived.”

3. Almost kidnapped.

“When I was about 19 I was waiting for my then boyfriend to get off of work at the mall, standing outside near the employee entrance.

It was close to 10pm and the mall had already closed so the parking lot was fairly empty. This car drove up to the curb, probably fifteen feet from where I was standing at the wall and the window rolled down, the driver was the only person in the car and he asked if I knew how to get to X road.

That road was the one visible from where I was standing so I pointed at it and told him the exit onto that road was right across the way. He kept looking at me and said, “I’m having trouble hearing you.” So I walked five feet closer and shouted it at him. He said, “Could you show me? I’m terrible with directions.”

I immediately decided this man just wanted me to either get close enough to grab or to get into his car and just pointed to the road and said, “Drive that way, you can’t miss it” and walked right into the employee entrance to wait for my boyfriend instead. I wasn’t supposed to be in there but figured getting yelled at by security was way better than getting kidnapped by a guy in his forties.”

4. Graveyard shift.

“I work graveyard shifts in a high care home right next to a men’s shelter (long term stay individual units). Most of the time we get along well.

Some nights the men next door get rowdy and come over to the home knocking on doors, normally we can redirect them back to their house with nil issues.

Now we have sensor lights at every doorway at the House overnight. Just for safety, normally it’s the same guy who forgets where he lives.

I got to work there was a sensor light flickering directly over the footpath and garden. I thought nothing of it and started to get ready to exit my locked car to head inside. I had this overwhelming pit in my stomach that made me stay seated. The light blew and it was completely dark.

I started my car and flicked on my high beams, just in time to see a MAN HIDING in the garden I would have walked past to go into the house and the kicker, seeing something heavy looking in his hand as he was trying to get away.

Called my coworker (a young blonde woman) in the house to tell her which way he was going and to check all the doors and not to open up until the police told her to.

Turns out he was known to the police due to s** offences. Also had been watching us at the House for awhile as there were fingerprints on the outside of the windows and foot prints in the garden beds.

The thing that keeps me awake, when the police informed me his choice of victims were 5’5″ brunettes in their mid to late twenties.

I’m the only one who fits that type on the team.”

5. Middle of the night.

“I was about 16-17. Driving back to my place from a 7-11 in my mom’s car with a friend.

The streets were deserted as it was middle of the night around 2 am. We pulled up to this stop light, and a motorcycle with a pillion on the back pulled up unnecessary close to our car’s passenger side window. I had a bad feeling but ultimately did nothing and proceeded to chat with my friend while waiting for the green light.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the pillion pulling a rod or hammer from his backpack and starts to wind up. I peeled the f**k out of there real fast. Managed to lose the bike and got home safe. Friend didn’t even know what was going on until we reached my place.”

6. Felt weird.

“I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up to make my partners lunch. I got up and the front door was open and the living room light was on.

My mom was staying with me and had her dog so I assumed she took her outside, but the air around me felt really weird. So I started making the lunch and realized she still hadn’t come in. I open the door to look outside and she’s at the bottom of my porch steps laying in a pool of blood.

I thought she had gotten shot. Turns out she tripped up walking down my stairs and cracked her head open. Spent a week in the hospital with a brain injury. She’s okay now. The doctors actually had found a spot in her leg where her cancer had spread and found it earlier than they would have if she hadn’t fallen.”

7. Creepy.

“It was at the local mall a few years ago, I was there with a friend. She went into the bathroom and I was waiting alone outside the bathroom, it was near closing hours so it wasn’t surprising that some guard told me that it was almost time to leave.

But before I could respond to it I took one good look at him and my stomach turned. It was not a guard. But he acted like he was. He then offered to escort me out of the building, people walked past and I noticed his badge was plastic and from some toy store.I just told him no and kept on waiting for my friend, everytime I looked at him my stomach turned and I got shivers. When my friend got out of the bathroom he was gone.

She asked me who I was talking to and after I told her we got out of there quick.

A week after I was there again to get some stuff and asked an actual security guard about the guy from earlier. They had to escort him out several times because he kept posing as a guard to get teenagers to come into his car.

I haven’t seen the guy since and it still gives me the creeps when I see that bathroom door. Waiting there felt like years. Who knows what actually could have happened if I listened to him? I also wonder if anyone ever actually followed him.

I hope not.”

8. That was close.

“I was home from college visiting my parents house for the weekend.

My sister had taken my old bedroom and I was sleeping in the guest room next to it. I was on my way out and had absolutely no reason to go into her room but something made me peek in there last minute.

My sister’s old school portable space heater was left on and had TIPPED OVER, laying on top of a cardboard box…. I was the last one to leave the house that day. My whole house could’ve burned down with all our pets in it if I hadn’t gone in her room.”

9. Home alone.

“I was home alone and someone rang my bell door, it was dark and I could see a person, but I was unable to see his face ( only like a shadow ).

I didn’t open the door because he never answered so I went back to playing, however my dog would look straight at the door like he know something was not right. After like 2 hours my parents arrived and told me there are 2 police cars on our street.

Apparently, that person was a burglar and he knocked out one of my neighbors and stole from his house. This happened 2 years ago but I still feel unsafe because I am probably the only one that was able to see his face.”

10. Wow.

“I was working in northern Iraq (not military) and we were hiking along a survey line and suddenly my local guide froze and slowly turned back to me with this look of real fear in his eyes.

Knew then that something had the potential to go seriously wrong. He said the name of the local militia group and I could just feel the blood drain out of my face

We then got approached, questioned and told to leave, and they followed us quietly through the brush all the way back to the road….which is an incredibly terrifying feeling to know you’re being almost hunted.”

11. Weird.

“When I was eighteen I took a flight to Seattle and made my way down to Phoenix. This was in 2011 so I had should have known better…. not like it was the 1970s.

Anyways, I get to some little town that I can’t remember the name of. An older couple let me ride with them in their RV but they stopped in this town for whatever reason. I began walking around the main strip and was trying to come up with a game plan. I didn’t have much money left, didn’t know where I exactly was but knew that I needed to head west along this highway to reach Phoenix.

A guy in a red pickup truck asked if I needed a ride. By this point I have been in the vehicle of a few different strangers and I almost went with him. I told myself that I would only go with couples because I figured they’d be more normal that a random person driving by themselves. I told this guy that I planned on sticking around and that I appreciated the offer.

He seemed puzzled and said “but you’re going to Phoenix”. At that moment it hit me, he had listened to my conversation with the older couple and he probably had ill intentions. I had a bad feeling and made an excuse as to why I was going to go back to the area where the couple was. I think I said that I forgot my phone charger and he offered a ride back.

It was only a couple of blocks and he got angry with me. I ran as fast as I could to this country looking diner and sat in the bathroom for what felt like eternity. I remember that there was a lock on the door. I called home later that night, cried to my mom and apologized for being a piece of s**t kid and promised that I’d get a flight home when I made it to Mesa AZ.”

12. Scarred for life.

“I was just a kid when one time my grandfather decided to take my cousin and me on a trip to the gas station to pick up diesel for the tractor. We lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so there wasn’t much else to do.

We rode three deep in his single cab S10. I rode in the middle seat and my cousin in the passenger. My cousin and I are both 12-13 at the time and had long hair for boys in this town. When we get to the gas station my grandfather parks at a pump and heads inside leaving the keys in the truck with us buckled inside. Considering we live in a small town with next to nobody in it where nothing happens, this wasn’t unusual. All was normal until that point

Just before my grandfather had walked in, an elderly man of a similar age sitting on the bench outside of the station stopped him and pointed at us. I couldn’t hear what they said but I got a weird feeling about it suddenly. My grandfather walked inside after the short interaction and walked to the register. The man doesn’t take his eyes off of us from across the parking lot. He suddenly gets up and just starts walking right towards us. I start panicking and my cousin does too.

As soon as he reached the truck he opened the driver’s side door. My cousin unbuckles and tells me to get out as he hops out. I start mashing my buckle release but it’s stuck and the seat belt is locked firmly against me from my panicking. My cousin leans back in and tries to push the release but realizes it’s stuck too and then immediately hops out.

The guy just looks at me and grins as he reaches for the keys in the ignition. I still to this day remember looking at that evil smile and watching his fingers touch the key. It still gives me f**king chills and I remember just thinking that I was done. The next thing I notice my cousin is leaning back in with a hammer he grabbed out of the bed of the truck.

Screaming that he’s about to hit him. The old man immediately throws his hands up and says he’s just joking and climbs out. He walks behind the station just as my grandfather comes out none the wiser.

When my grandfather gets back in we both try to explain what just happened to him but we aren’t making any sense at all to him. I honestly just think it was the fact that we were in shock and he was so old and unsuspecting of that kind of thing in our area. As soon as we got home we told the rest of the family about it.

They immediately start questioning my granddad about what the man said to them. He tells them the man just asked if we were his “granddaughters” but he didn’t pay much attention to him because the man seemed deaf. This old creep thought we were two little girls and planned on abducting us! If my cousin hadn’t been so fast on his feet, I’m not sure I would be here to tell this story.

This s**t scarred me for life. I remember it all so well. I was completely terrified and cried the whole way home as my cousin held me. This guy just looked at me and smiled like he was enjoying my sheer terror.

It was nothing short of pure fu**ing evil. I still dream about it from time to time, to be honest. As soon as my grandfather put it all together he got all the men in my family to grab their guns and immediately drove back to the gas station. They called the police and we searched the area for him for about an hour before the police showed. He was never caught. I hope to God that he’s rotting in a ditch somewhere.

I probably shouldn’t feel this way, but part of me wishes my cousin had beat him to d**th with the hammer. I would have got more sleep over these past ten years since it happened.”

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