12 People Share Facts About Our Bodies That Might Surprise You

I think in a former life I might have been a scientist or a doctor.

Why do I say that?

Because I have such a hard time comprehending science of any kind that I think I must’ve been an expert at some point…and now I’m this guy…whatever this is…

But I still find science to be fascinating!

Are you ready to learn some interesting facts about the human body?

Check out what these AskReddit users had to say.

1. Uh oh.

“That the body’s ph is 7.35 to 7.45 and if any of those scam products that promise to “change the PH of your body” actually worked, you’d be d**d.”

2. Can’t see it.

“Each one of your eyes has a blind spot where the optic nerve exit your eye into your brain.

You can’t see it because your brain tricks you not to see, it covers the spot with some made up image of what it thinks fits better with the rest of it.”

3. Well, that’s odd.

“Humans are one of a few species of mammal that oddly don’t produce their own vitamin C due to lack of a certain enzyme.

Other mammalian species who exhibit this mutation are those contained in the main primate suborder Haplorhinni (monkeys, apes, tarsiers), as well as bats, capybaras, and guinea pigs.

All other mammals produce vitamin C in the liver.”

4. Only about 20%.

“Apparently about 20% of people have a bony ridge on the roof of their mouth. Most people’s pallettes are smooth with a very slight ridge.

The 20% like me have an exaggerated and more pronounced ridge. Apparently it’s most common in women and Asian folk, and I’m neither so that’s neat.

I always thought it was totally normal.”

5. Blood stuff.

“Positive blood type women can have positive and negative blood type babies without issue.

Negative blood type women require a shot with antibodies to prevent the mothers immune system from attacking the fetus if it is a positive blood type.”

6. It adapts.

“When you get conditioned to physical activity, your circulatory system adapts — more blood, more vessels, more blood cells. But your lungs really don’t.

This is because no matter how much blood your heart is able to deliver to your lungs, the lungs still have no problem oxygenating it.

This is why your oxygen saturation doesn’t drop during exercise (unless you have a heart defect.)”

7. Creepy.

“Your brain continues to try to revive the body long after the heart has stopped.

In some cases, there has been found brain activity trying to make repairs to bring the body back 30 hours later.

This is used to indicate time of death in m**der victims.”

8. Ouch.

“Babies can break their collarbone during delivery. It happens quite often, but heals quickly.

My teacher told me that (if it happened to you ofc) you may feel a slightly higher spot on your collarbone, called the callus where the fracture grew back together.”

9. A little bit different.

“Humans have, on average, just as many hairs on their body as chimpanzees.

Human hair is just a lot shorter and finer.”

10. The King.

“When you have a bowel movement, your heart rhythm shifts temporarily due to a vagus response.

The reason Elvis d**d on the toilet was because his heart was beating 200+ bpm and the quick rhythm change caused a myocardial infarction. People with low heart rates have been known to pass out on the toilet because their bodies can’t handle the shift.

It’s also why EMTs will absolutely not let you use the bathroom before getting on the ambulance. Especially if the bathroom is a standard 5’x8′.”

11. Amazing!

“A pregnant woman that has a mild heart attack will be healed from the baby’s stem cells, leaving virtually no tissue damage.”

12. Survival instinct.

“If you faint at the sight of your own blood you may have an oversensitive vasovagal response.

The theory is that this developed as a survival mechanism, kind of like an opposum playing d**d.”

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