12 People Share Good Things That Are Happening in the World Right Now

You’d never know it by watching the news or reading things on social media, but there are actually a lot of great things going on in the world!

No, really!

And AskReddit users were nice enough to tell us about a bunch of them.

Let’s take a look!

1. Less plastic would be great.

“Scientists have discovered a worm that can digest plastic, and they are currently trying to copy it’s digestive system.

This can help solve a huge problem.”

2. Nice!

“An Arkansas school district installed 1400 solar panels, turned a $250k deficit into a 1.8 million dollar surplus due to the amount of energy they saved, and are now raising teachers salaries by 2,000 to 3,000 dollars.”

3. On Mars.

“On the surface of Mars, the Mars Rover was able to successfully separate oxygen from carbon dioxide.”

4. Good job, kids.

“I was at the Phoenix airport a couple weeks ago. An older gentleman sat next to me at our gate. Both his feet were wrapped in some sort of bandage and he was struggling to get around with a cane.

On his other side were a pair of teenagers just giggling over kitten videos on their phones. They were strangers but made sure this man got helped to the restroom, had a drink, carried his bag, got to his seat, had access to a wheelchair when he got off the plane! It was seamlessly selfless.

The kids are alright. They really are. I’m 47. I am seeing it around me so often.”

5. Let’s share it.

“Canada and Greenland (Government of Denmark) have just come to a peaceful resolution of the 38 year territorial dispute over the highly coveted Hans Island, where they’ve agree to share the island and split it right down the middle.

This is of course the famed “Whiskey War”. The main aspect of it (swapping schnapps with whiskey or vice versa), I imagine, will remain in some part as a celebrated border-crossing tradition.”

6. Awesome.

“There is a video going around of this Ukrainian refugee woman who told her son that they were going to see Jon Cena in order to get him to escape with her.

Jon Cena heard the story and flew over there to see them so he could meet her son.”

7. Above and beyond.

“Bob, a racing pigeon was supposed to race from Guernsey to Newcastle in the UK.

In fact he was rescued in Alabama, just the 4,000 miles off course. He will be repatriated soon.”

8. Getting closer.

“In recent drug trials, Dostarlimab had a 100% success rate in treating colorectal cancer.

18 out of 18 participants were in remission 1 year from being administered the drug.

Enormous news as this is the closest we’ve ever been to a cancer “cure”.”

9. Doing great work.

“A woman from Philly goes around her neighborhood rescuing stray animals.

A literal Saint.”

10. Fighting poverty.

“World poverty is half what it was in 1990 and still dropping.

Inequality has increased but it’s increased in the other direction (rich getting richer).

That’s pretty awesome and doesn’t get talked about at all.”

11. Truly amazing.

“You can effectively and freely communicate with almost any other person on the planet at anytime, usually with video.

It’s also instant. The only requirement is that you have “connected” with them. S**t is f**king awesome.”

12. Working on it.

“The amount of machines in development to clean up plastic pollution is just crazy.

Want a large boat patrolling the oceans? What about a small drone for busy waters? A gate stopping plastic in rivers from entering the oceans in the first place?

You name it, someone is working on it.”

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