12 People Share Interesting Confessions They Heard From Someone Who Was Going to Pass Away

I’ve never had an experience like this…and honestly, I don’t think I want to.

Especially if it’s from someone I’m really close to and they have some scandalous stuff to tell me.

Save it for someone else, please!

AskReddit users shared stories about confessions they heard from folks who were about to pass away. Let’s take a look.

1. Bad memories.

“My grandpa told me about all the horrible things that went down in Vietnam.

How they were so hungry and didn’t have supplies, he said the most they had were some kind of morphine shots that were to be used on the verge of d**th and that if someone d**d and didn’t use them you were supposed to take them off their body… if someone was mortally injured you were supposed to inject them with so much morphine that it ki**s them.

Also when they were hungry they ki**ed dogs and cats, cooked them over a fire, and ate them. He ended up being a cat lover with about 19 cats before he di**.

He wasn’t on his d**th bed yet, but he was on chemo and a s**t load of crazy medicines. He even had pictures, told me where they were and to go get them so he could show me. He told me not to tell anyone about the pictures because it was apparently illegal to take pictures of what was going on. (I wonder why? 🙄)

He felt so much guilt, and said he thought he was doing the right thing.. but, found out later on it was all bulls**t. The pictures were terrible, d**d kids, women, men. It kind of looked like Holocaust pictures just not as many bodies.”

2. Dad and Grandpa.

“My grandpa was in the military, so my dad decided to follow in his footsteps and go into the air force after graduating high school (he was only in for 6 years).

He always had this sense of pride that his dad was happy he joined the service. On my grandpa’s d**thbed, he told my dad “I didn’t want you to join the military, you know.” My dad was confused, and said “But I always thought you were so proud of me.”

My grandpa said “I was. I just hated the thought of you leaving. Any time you were away from home in the service I would fall into a bad depression until you came back.” It blew my dad’s mind, all this time he thought he had done what his dad wanted him to do, but it was actually the last thing he wanted!

He also randomly told my dad “I hate when you wear those tight socks.” My dad said “What? You can’t even see my socks…” My grandpa said “You always wear tight socks. I hate them.” My dad just wears regular crew socks, no tighter than normal…but apparently my grandpa hated them!”

3. The secret.

“My grandma told my mom when she wasnt lucid that she had had a secret kid at 14 and never told anyone.

My mom being the woman she is, found her in Oklahoma and actually was able to meet her.

Lifetime television stuff.”

4. Didn’t see that coming.

“My grandma cheated on my grandpa and on her d**thbed confessed that all her children were another man’s.”

5. War is hell.

“A Korean War veteran.

Told me instead of moving a group of civilians, he and at least one other soldier s**t them all instead. I don’t remember if they were ordered to or if they just decided to do that on their own.

I have no way of knowing if it’s true but assume it is. Haunted him til the very end.”

6. Secret Agent Man.

“I found out my grampa was some sort of secret agent. Not sure when or where, he was born in the early 1930s if that helps.

I guess what he did was totally classified, so he didn’t even give the full details in the end, but he wanted to explain to grandma the reason for some nights he didn’t come home when they were younger.”

7. Holy s**t.

“My Grandfather admitted to me that he m**dered my grandmother by pushing her into a dangerous river in Europe because he wanted to be with his girlfriend.

Then told me I was allowed to decide his fate. I didn’t pull the plug and walked out of the hospital. He d**d 6 days later in pain from liver disease from drinking. I WASN’T going to have his blood on my hands also. (I was in the military when it happened).Had him buried in a unmarked grave.

His girlfriend had no rights because he never change his will nor my grandmother’s will. I got everything, gave it out to his children and grandchildren. Didn’t keep a single dime. I did keep my grandmother’s family ring.”

8. Gramps.

“My grandpa.

We were all sitting at the dinner table and he suddenly starts to tell us about when he was a teenager him and his friend were stealing gas from cars by syphoning them with a plastic tube and sucking it through into a can.

Well apparently his friend had somehow been absolutely drenched head to toe in the gas and while my grandfather didn’t, his friend decided to light up a cigarette to celebrate filling the gas can, BWOOOSH Up in flames he goes.

My grandfather looked for help or anything but it was too late. He ran off not wanting to get arrested for anything. Moved to Chicago, started a family, said nothing about the entire thing for 89 years.”

9. Too bad…

“Not really a confession but before my grandmother d**d she asked me if her mashed potatoes were still the best.

Just don’t taste the same no more…”

10. Strange.

“My grandfather.

He raised me and we were extremely close. My mother was the oldest and had me as a teenager so I called him “Daddy” just like my aunts and uncles.

I was devastated when he was d**ng and was with him at the very end. Right before he d**d he suddenly sat up and motioned me closer. When I got close he said, “Never ride a goat. They stink.”

It’s so strange that I think about that almost every day.”

11. Horrible.

“My ex’s grandpa confessed that he ki**ed a man with his friends when they were younger.

Growing up during segregation, they beat the hell out of a black man and tied him to the back of the truck and drove him through the rocky back roads until he was d**d.

His grandpa had never told anyone and needed to get it off his chest before he d**d.”

12. SATAN.

“My grandma’s sister and her husband were really, really rich, but the husband got a lot of money from dishonest business stuff (IDK what it actually was, I just know that he betrayed a lot of people).

Money was always his number one priority.

With his last breath, he panicked and screamed: “NO SATAN, TAKE ALL MY MONEY BUT LEAVE ME ALONE!” Then he d**d…”

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